Closed Poll: Arena Mode

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It’s exactly as the title sounds, this mode would suggests a circular or square arena to fight in, with nothing but a straight up fight. I won’t get too specific because I’d love for ya’ll to speculate and voice how you feel the suggested mode should work.

So an arena mode: Are you for it or against it?

  • For
  • Against

The poll is now 140 votes total, 90 for 50 against. I will now tag devs @MacMan and @SlabOMeat

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Stage 2, Full armor, 6 skill points, No dropship, No food, battle to the death ^-^


I’m for, sounds like it has potential to be fun.

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if it gets enough votes in favor of it I will tag the devs, till then I’m curious to see how the community will feel about it

I am strongly against this. The game is based around the Hunt, not the ‘1 engagement to end them all’. It isn’t a deathmatch type of game. There are many games out there that can give you the experience that you describe, Evolve isn’t, nor should it be.


But I feel as though Defend mode is already similar to this. I’ll admit it could be fun :slight_smile:


FKIN HELL YEAH! I would suck bricks fort this to happen!


@MacMan @SlabOMeat

IT WILL BE A FOKIN MONEY MACHINE!!(but I secretly hope it will be free)image


Depends on what people find fun. I’m sticking to Hunt, but I’m for it if other people would fine it enjoyable. ^.-

I also feel defend isn’t that great myself :stuck_out_tongue: It’s a nice… side diversion, but the game is boiled down to components that don’t feel good together.

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Bucket would be king

I don’t even play Evac.

I’m not a big fan of Evac because the only match that really matters is the last one of defend

I feel like the Arena would be a great "bonus mode " not the core mode of game but more likely a fun mode when you want a break from hunting for some time

Evac is nothing but an XP grab, that amount at the end is disgusting >~>

I refused to level in Evac, I hit 40 in nothing but Hunt.

please correct macmans user id he’s a sir not a mam :stuck_out_tongue: lol

Same. However, this mode is basically this:

I have a square peg and trying to put it into a round hole. Instead of trying to use the circle peg, I force the company to redesign the circle hole to accommodate square pegs to because… reasons.

Evolve is not going to be the right game for everyone and that is ok. However, I dislike changing the core essence of what it is because people don’t like the main purpose of the game.

Bonus mode or not it would splinter the community, which is something they are against. The ADD people who can’t track a monster would only play that mode because they don’t want to try and engage their brain. Taking away sneaking, tracking, stealthing makes the game really lame. There would only be a couple picks of Hunters to play as there is no reason to try and take the good ‘tracking’ teams etc… DPS fests are rarely enjoyable, even by the people who think they would like it.


I played evac at level 1 cuz i wanted to try all the game modes and whoops look at that im level 16 >_>
After that it sort of became my pubstomp area, I get bored sometimes and all the teams there are so bad, its just a relax mode for me :stuck_out_tongue:



“Splitting of comunity” could be prevented by simple step. Make arena be playable only 2-3 times per day , so it will be a real “bonus mode” .