Closed Alpha Invite


This wait is starting to really drag…I guess I’ll have Elite Dangerous beta on the 29th.


when do start your alpha! test i want!


Ooo that game looks super awesome.

I was a huge fan of FreeSpace 2 back in the day.

Star Citizen or Elite Dangerous? o.0


At this point I’m just going to give up my hopes of getting in


NO! Don’t put yourself down just like that, everybody’s still waiting for 2k’s final word on this!

Trust me, everyone will know when the Alpha is released, it won’t be long now anyway so just hold on for a few more days! :smiley:


I know everyone is getting impatient, but in the mean time found this on another forum thread:



Is there really still no word at all? I’m surprised as it is almost end of day on Thursday.


I don’t know, I didn’t sign up! But like I said it won’t be long now, so fingers crossed! The Alpha will be announced when everyone gets their confirmation emails!


Yup, no invites still.


Next Tuesday


Panda has spoken.


A day before the xbox destiny beta launches and on the day the dark souls dlc and walking dead episode 4 launches that’s risky business people might not even check their email lol


This thread has been a little quiet…I was wondering the same thing.


Except alpha is on PC so there’s no competition.


Ima go ahead and guess the alpha starts tomorrow :stuck_out_tongue: Last business day of the week.


hehe you guys will be the first to know when we send out emails so there is no wondering if you did or didn’t get accepted. We wouldn’t start the Alpha in secret! We’re not that quiet :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m really hoping for tomorrow!


I hope so too! Hope you get in, buddy! :wink:


Thanks! I wish you could join us. I would love to play with you and @Plaff and @Brandini but I don’t have a next-gen console. Spent all my money on a new PC for Evolve. :smile:


See I’d love to play with all three of you too but out of us four I have the Xbox One! Though I think Plaff might be using his brother’s XB1 to play the Beta, which should be good!


I don’t believe you Jess… you guys probably secretly sent them out two weeks ago… >.> hehe