Closed Alpha Invite


As always, we want to be up front with you, our fans – we’re doing a small, closed Alpha and we want to make sure you are in on it first. In fact, for being such an amazing community here on our forums, you are the first to know about it.

However, this test is not only limited to a very small number of participants, it is also limited to some very specific PC specifications. The good news is we’re opening the sign-up to the forums for a chance to get in. The not-so-good news for some of you is that it will only be happening in North America. We have some very specific reasons for this as it’s a crucial learning opportunity for the developers. We can’t wait to get our hands on the test data and hear feedback from players.

Of course we wish we could have you all join in, regardless of location or otherwise. That said, this Alpha test is just the beginning and it won’t be your last opportunity to help us test before launch.

Thank you to all of our fans. You have shown an unbelievable amount of excitement and dedication even this far from launch. We absolutely can’t wait to get everyone in on Evolve come October 21st.

Jess Damerst
Community Manager


Click on the below invite
Password: happyhunting
Referral Code: JoinTheHunt

Will Evolve have closed-beta or Playable Demo on Steam?
Future alpha tests?

Thanks, Jess! Hopefully one of the PC configurations you guys are looking for is “Kind of crappy PC with a video card from 2011”. :smile:


Super jealous of everyone who’s going to be able to take part! But I hope everyone who does take part has fun

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gahhh i need the specs. i can play league on pretty high graphics but im quite low on starcraft 2 :frowning: i dnt think my comp can handle it!!!


Yay! Glad that others will be getting a taste of Evolve before it comes out in this alpha alongside the Beta that will be coming out later! I too would sign up but my laptop won’t be able to handle it and I live in England, so strike 2 there!

Short question, the XB1 Open Beta will be available in all locations, right? :worried:


Please for the love of god dont do a Diablo 3 alpha test with only US servers being tested for network stress, no one wants to have a experience like that ever again.


Yes! lol it would be no bueno if we didn’t test the other servers as we have dedicated servers.


The link doesn’t seem to work for me. I see it for a second, then it says the URL is wrong or something.


I can’t wait to get paired up with some of you in the Alpha :slight_smile:


Awesome, sent in my info. Fingers crossed :smiley:


should be



Gonna enter.


It begins.

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Me and @Plaff must curse our family for having us born in the UK


I wonder what happens if a european tries to sign up. Will it simply not work or will there be… severe consequences? xD

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Made it in, just need to see if I can borrow a friend’s PC lol


So are you looking for information on low end machines? I’ve kinda got a high end PC…a mid tier and a low tier pc.


We have assassins on standby.

I’m totally joking.


high end is better


Oh man… I can’t decide whether signing up now is worth having a couple of shuriken stuck in my back tomorrow!