Closed Alpha Emails


I think I accidently deleted my email how do I recieve another copy?


Charlie got the golden ticket and dropped it in the drain. Shame on you, Charlie


I got email today and I redeem on steam, then it take FOREVER download and not get done. What happen with my alpha ? Disappointed.


I hope I get one!


Confused as to why I got a code close to the end of the day on day 2, didn’t see the email (or bother to check my emails that late on a Sat) until now…thanks anyway


Thank you for granting me(us) this opportunity to test this remarkable game. I am sure this test has been helpful to you guys as well with all the amazing feedback. I do look forward to future invites. keep up the good work.


Didn’t get e-mail until end of day 2, had to go to bed before Steam d/l completed (I work). No opportunity to play, disppointed.


Yay better late then never never

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If you upgrade your computer between signing up and now, would there be a way to ‘re-sign up’ with the new specs?


Nope, sorry. Next time you should be good though!


Good to know :slight_smile: