Closed Alpha Emails


Closed alpha emails will begin going out shortly. Please check the inbox of the email you used at signup.

Oh happy day




Totally spamming f-5 on gmail right now

  • Gertz


Well done finally


if the e-mails go out and i don’t post here please know that i’ve had a heart attack and send paramedics to my address


Ohhhhhhh snap


I just got mine! I am honored and excited to be able to take part in this!


No email yet. I R SAD_FACE.


If you need me to test the game using Google Fiber, please let me know :slight_smile:


Your name looks familiar… >.> I can’t quite put my finger on it though… <.<


I wish forum members could get some special pull because we’re obviously the most likely to give feedback but i don’t think it works like that

still in the wind brothers


Amen to that





@Gertz tough gig when even a producer has to wait with anxiety :slight_smile:


Just to keep it fair… We were told we would know when all of the emails were out. Are all of the emails out? Or should the people who constantly live in the forums still be waiting?


We’ve sent out the two batches. At this time, we’re not sending any more out…


Thank you ! :slight_smile:


We’ve just begun to send out another batch of emails!