Close Evolve game (Hank clutch aka scarry game) and other videos


In this game I was support and Medic was a Level 1. The medic was Caira and she was not healing, so I am a little annoyed when the video starts. I managed to survive and helped avoid the outcome that was though to have been obvious. Watch how the favor of the game switches.

This was quick play about a month ago so I had joined a group of randoms.

I post primarily sculpting videos but I have decided to post evolve videos in between those sculpting videos.


if you just put the youtube video in the post, as opposed to the link… People dont have to open another tab :wink: Disgusting orbitals thoe…


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Thanks. I was trying to figure out how to post the video instead of a link. Can you please tell me how or give me a link so that I can learn?


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Everyone seemed to be playing like very very new players there to be honest, including monster. For example apart from 100 other mistakes he didn’t see or hear jetpack of cloaked support right in front of his face.


I agree and I have played this game since release. It kinda balances with the medic that would not heal. I like to think that I narrowly escaped. I just kinda liked the series of events that took place and that the medic got a lot better in the end.


Thanks easier than I thought.


new monster or not u were basically on ur own here and honestly i’m surprised. this was seriously stressful to watch, i can’t imagine having to play it. jesus. oh wait i can cuz it happens in hunt 2.0 all the time hahahaha Jokes™


Thanks and sorry about that.


It’s cool, I can see why you might think a video of gameplay goes in the Gameplay category