Cloaking glich and Super Soilder glich


There have been so many times that this has happened. it has happened as Laz and or supports. The glich is that i use my cloak but it doesnt cloak me: as support it cloaks everyone but me, as laz it doesnt cloak anyone because its a personal cloak. Even though it doesnt cloak me it still goes on cooldown: so i cloak as laz to escape danger but it doesnt cloak me and in turn i get killed.

This glich also happens for Super Soilder on Parnell

Devs please fix this when possible

on PC


Hmm, did you record it? I’ve yet to hear of this one.


I know this should be obvious but… Were you shooting? Or getting hit?


no i wasnt shooting or getting hit. what happened is i popped my cloak and i turned invis for a split second, then uncloaked and never recloaked. this was all without getting hit.

this has happened multiple times, so its not a one time thing.


no i do not have any recorded gameplay of it



Are you able to record it in the future, so we can view it ourselves? I’ve never had this happen to me, and you’re the first I’ve heard of it from.


sorry i do not have any recording programs to do so

i did talk to some friends about it and they said it happened to them as well


Well, I’ll look out for it.


I had that happen to be a while back. Only once though. My cloaking skill bar was going down yet I was completely visible.


happend to me aswell today also in the same game i used the laz device and it went on cooldown but my teamm8 didnt get revived and it wasnt becasue the timer had run out on the body (he was not completly dead)


im confused, is this about the cloak or the laz device?


Laz device. There is a glitch when you revive someone when they are bleeding out and they die as you revive them.


i meant it as that the cloak happend to me but also the laz device in the same round


i’ve had this happen once while playing as cabot and i was using my damage amp when i let go of damage amp to cloak but i wouldn’t get the cloak.


cloaking itself is just terrible lmao glitches just add to the failure that is cloaking