Cloaked Wildlife! (Actually slow spawning wildlife)


Was trying Kala out for the first time this evening when this happened in the third game. Was playing solo hunt with bots when a Crowbil Sloth de-cloaked right in front of me. I wasn’t taxing my PC any more than normal so I doubt its my rig. Maybe its just me but this just seems a lot closer than the normal draw distance. :frowning:

Edit: It’s not very clear with this resolution I have to admit, but the video I have of it here shows it much clearer. It fades in quite late and you can actually see through it for a second or so.


I am pretty sure this is the sloth just spawning in.


I was wondering that too, but by this time I had already killed a pack of blitz leopards. Maybe it was just running late and I had bad timing. :wink:


Delayed wildlife spawn.

I’ve seen it happen a few times before, and more so on the smaller wildlife.

Weird because I always thought that the big wildlife immediately spawned at the start of a match along with all the albino’s.
But it’s definitely not new.


Yeah, not used to seeing it happen on the big wildlife like that. Oh well, made me jump for a second. :wink:


In that case considering it doesn’t appear to be a bug may I close the thread? You can PM me again if you have suspicions and the devs/mods can still respond to locked posts :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


All good. Its out of the ordinary but probably not bug-worthy. Feel free to close. @ToiletWraith :smile:


Wicked, thanks :smiley:


Resolved! I… think? :smiley: