Cloaked Elder Kraken Bug


I spawned in the game late so I dont have too much info, I do have vids which will be at the bottom of the screen. When I spawned in, the EK was stage three, The comp played was Parnell, Wasteland Maggie, Sunny, and Slim. The map was Broken Hill Foundry. If you need any more info, just tell me and ill provide what i can. I think I got everything i could think of.

its the two recent ones


It happens. Best thing to have when that happens is either Abe or Crow to use Stasis and see their outline with the purple rings. But since you had Maggie just shoot at or avoid where the Poons are sticking and hope for the best.

Dunno if they’ll be able to fix it since it’s been around for quite some time.


Spawning late might be the problem here.

When I have experienced this bug, my game has crashed right at the start of the match and I have re-joined. What seems to fix it is quitting the game and rejoining again.


As long as they know about it. Just doing my best to help out the game :smiley: Thank you. Anyone, this thread can be closed!!..


I’ve seen it happen a few times through observers/players joining late, but this issue is one of the more weird ones we have encountered. Our QA does a lot more late joining testing than before, and we have not seen the issue in quite some time on the TU09 build. I don’t want to call this fixed, but for right now we’re not getting a repro anymore on our end.


ok, Let me know if you nheed anymore info, Ill provide what I can


Yeah at this point just let me know if it comes back up again. I’ll let QA know to keep an eye out for it in TU09 :slight_smile: