Cloaked Bad Guys


So any advice? I dont seem to have an issue against anything else, at least anything Ive run into. But either as Goliath or Kraken, a hunter goes cloak mode, and my strategy/plan goes out the window.

I try and look out for the footprints, nada, I try and find the jet pack flames, and thats the only thing that helps.

I mean Im assuming there is no real counter as the hunters need something they can use to escape with.

Ive never played as a hunter, so if anyone could answer this also, is there a timer on the cloak, can they cloak all teammates at the same time? How exactly does the cloak work for hunters.


So we have 6 characters that can cloak. Laz, and all the Supports. Laz is a personal cloak, this means it only works on him. It lasts about 10secs. The Support has a team cloak, allowing all the Hunters to go invisible. This lasts about 20secs. The best way to get rid of the annoyance of cloaks is to focus these people down first. Kill them, no cloak.


Alternately, focus somebody else for a while, and when the cloak wears out, go back at it. Or you can just break contact as a whole, and hide for a few moments before engaging again

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Thank you very much, that actually explains a lot knowing now that Laz has a personal cloak. At the very least now i know its a 20 sec cloak with support.

@LordDerp Hiding, depending on evolution stage does also make sense. Simple solution, in the heat of battle I never thought of just doing so. Thanks!


No problem! Welcome to the Forums by the way!

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As goliath, using flame breath when someone cloaks is really helpful. You can see them quite clearly on fire fir a while which helps keep that pressure on them. Smelling should reveal red hunter footprints, they can be difficult to see in the thick of it though. Jetpack trail as you said is a good one to watch out for. It comes with practice essentially. Just keep trying and you’ll get better at noticing the small things like footsteps. :wink:

Welcome to the forums by the way. It may be worth giving this thread a read to help understand what’s what around here.


Do try to not evolve (pun intended) into a so called flee-till-3 person. Try not to always kite the hunters, also engage at times :wink:


Thank again. Ive lurked a few days now, been playing for several weeks. Love the game. Been kicking some butt as Goliath, Kraken is almost easy mode right now, I’ll see how it goes as I play harder ranks.

But yeah, setting them ablaze does seem to do the trick. When I catch them that is. I feel like Im really Goliath when they cloak though, I start to squint my eyes, grunt a lot and start to flail my arms around in frustration. Lol.

I’ll definetly check out the link, and you’ll see more of me in here.

I have to ask tho @LordDerp “flee-till-3 person”?

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When you “flee til 3”, you never engage the hunters until stage 3. Even if they dome you, they will keep running away. It’s very annoying for the hunters. and a bad strategy for the monster as well (because he gets no strikes on the hunters). So try and avoid that by engaging a few times at stage two already :wink:


Good! Always glad to have new members. It’s also important to note that on Kraken, his Aftershock ability reveals cloaked Hunters. You’ll see this ball of static electricity hovering where the Hunters are. Once the ability hits the Hunters will be visible for a short amount of time.


Ah, ok. Nah I feel like once I get to stage 2 I have the advantage. Im not going to lie at stage 1, I run like a scared 5 yr old girl. Even when domed. I find the highest point and wait till they fly up, hit em with a rock, and run. Repeat till dome is spent.

When I engage at stage 2, if I can comfortably down/kill 3, I’ll leave the last one alone till I can evolve to stage 3. I dont know if thats wrong to do, like Im prolonging their deaths for my amusement. I just figure I get more points for destroying the Power Relay.

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@Shunty Since you said that, I must ask about aftershock. Now I know it does damage, cause I’ll either down or kill someone with it. But at the end of the game my damage always reads zero for aftershock. Maybe Im using it wrong?


No, it’s just a glitch. Don’t worry.


There’s no shame in running as a stage 1, and I’m glad to hear you can handle stage 2 encounters :grin:


Your boy Rapt’s got you, bro.

Alright, so you’ve got six cloaking characters, right? You got…

Lazarus: The only non-support who can cloak, he can only cloak himself. Works very well with his kit.
Hank: Has a team cloak.
Bucket: Has a team cloak.
Cabot: Has a team cloak.
Sunny: Has a team cloak.
Kala: Has a team cloak.

Now, you’ve never played hunter, so I’ll explain to you a bit about how they work.

Lazarus can ONLY cloak himself. No one else around him gets cloaked. ONLY him. HOWEVER, the rest of the supports all have team cloaks, but they only cloak hunters in their immediate vicinity, including themselves. Firing a weapon/using a tool negates these cloaks for a short time for each of them. Lets say you’re fighting Bucket, and he cloaks. Every time he fires while in the cloak, he’s momentarily visible. However, even if he fires a weapon under the cloak, others around him stay cloaked.

Now, I’m assuming you’re somewhat new since you’ve never played hunter, so let me give you some advice for each monster.

Goliath: Flame breath is your best friend against cloak reliant teams. Your fire reveals cloaked hunters easily, making them a lot easier to kill. Meteor Goliath is even better.

Kraken: None of Kraken or Elder Kraken’s abilities are too good for finding cloaked hunters. However, when hit with a Lightning Blast, any hunter hit will have a teeny-tiny electrical aura zap thing around them. You really have to be looking to see it though.

Wraith: At S1 (and if you’re really looking, S2) you can see cloaked hunters with their little shimmery effect. This is because the Wraith is very small for a monster. It’s even easier to do when crouched. However, none of her abilities are really all that great for finding a cloaked hunter.

Behemoth: Lava Bomb and Tongue Grab are both good for finding cloaked hunters. Now, you may be thinking, “What? I get Lava Bomb because it ignites them, but how does Tongue Grab help?” Well, when you go into the TG aiming pose, anything you aim it at gets this weird bubbly thing around it, indicating that it’s capable of being snatched up. This also applies to cloaked hunters. Behemoth, like a crouched Wraith, is very low to the ground at S1, and, with minor difficulty, you ARE capable of seeing the shimmeriness of cloaked hunters.

Gorgon: Aside from Meteor Goliath, she’s probably the best anti-cloak monster. Any hunters that walk through your acid pools will be made visible to you, and any hunters that are coated in your webbing. If a hunter fires their weapon close to a Spider Trap while cloaked, it will nab them up. Although I don’t know if you can see cloaked hunters with Gorgon like you can with Wraith and Behe, I’d assume you’d be able to at S1, considering her small size and stature.

Whale, that’s all I’ve got. Best of luck to you!


@Rapterror Thats good stuff man! Thanks. Ive played about 130 matches as a Monster so I’d say Im still learning.

I remember playing Behemoth during the demo they allowed Gold Members to try a few months back, hes beast. I plan on buying him tonight.

Although with what you explained about Gorgon, I might have to pick that Monster up as well.

Thanks for the advice, and information, its all very much appreciated!


No prob, dude. Behe and Gorgon are both getting major changes in TU9, so I may hold off till then. Although, we don’t know exactly when that is, so don’t let me sway your opinion.

Personally, Gorgon is more my play style. Ambusher, sneaky, DOT base. Behemoth is cool too, though. Definitely my third favorite, behind Elder K.


how long is recharge with and without reload speed


For what cloak?


Guys, you missed to tell our new colleague @_80 about the most irritating mother f…r of all of them… SLIM. SLIM is the name of the game when it comes to invisibility. Yeah. Not cloak, to be precise. But damn effective and laaaaasting … laaaaasting forever :slight_smile: