Cloak is very weak against good monsters


Now, I wish I could write a huge, informative post about my current issues with cloaking, but the problem I’m addressing have to do with a basic feature: You are not 100% cloaked.

You still slightly shimmer, kind of like the hot air over a candle. Like this:
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This is a problem.

Many good monsters are actually able to see you without even following your footprints.
This is an especially big problem with Lazarus, as he will mainly use his cloak defensively to escape.
The support cloak is just as visible, but suffer less because it’s mainly used when sneaking up on the monster, and cloaked revives.

Even with visual snow, I’m able to pretty easily see a cloaked hunter if I know he/she is in the area, especially on daylight desert/acid maps. This is very easy if the hunter is near an artificial light source, like the spotlights that often are in caves.

I suggest removing this feature.

A slightly smaller issue I got, that does not deserve its own thread have to do with Fire Breath.
The issue with fire breath isn’t game breaking, but I feel it is a really cheesy strategy.
With three points into flame breath give it a 25 meter range.
I have noticed that monster players that are not able to see cloak players, often randomly perform
a 360° circle, covering 50 diameter with fire. The cooldown is very short, but I do not have actual numbers.

What I suggest would be that the hunter have to be burned for a second(or a bit less) before they catch fire, or slowing the monsters turn speed while using fire breath.

I would love to hear other people’s opinion to both issues and if anyone else have had problem with this.
I don’t like to complain, but these two things are both issues I feel need to be addressed and at least considered.

Buff cloak to be a real cloak

Well as a monster player I can tell you that hunters are quite tiny, and frankly you wouldn’t really see the invis FX you’re talking about, unless everything is still and really close…
Fire is just one power of many and it’s good it works the way it works, for the sake of balance.
Just my 2 cents.


The slight cloak shimmer really isn’t a problem. I’ve never spotted a hunter by that alone. My issue is that every time the hunters are hit they get re-highlighted in red for a full second. It makes it so that if a hunter is hit once while cloaked, there’s no way a monster will lose him.

There’s already several ways to find a cloaked hunter: footprints, jetpack trail, blood spatter when meleed, VO. Do we really need to make it as easy as, flail about til I randomly hit them and they turn red?


This is always Pros and Cons. A Hunter player (like me) would probably be happy if the Cloak would work this way. A Monster player won’t be happy about this an scream that Laz or all Supports are OP.
So in terms of balance (at least for the moment) I think it is OK the way it is.


Problem is that some players do spott you by that alone.

@fdruid @MrFireFuchs
I do not think this will affect the win ratio on hunters, since less than 50% of monsters
know about/notice the cloak shimmer.

However, the keyword here is effort.
Because against those who do know about the cloak shimmer, your cloak is hard countered by the monster without any effort from him/her.
Monster players that are advanced enough to exploit this would be good enough to follow footprints or spam fire breath if the cloak didn’t shimmer but they would be required to spend an ability or actually go looking for the cloaked player.


the worst thing are sneak spamming monster while they know theres someone cloaked