Cloak Drone OP?

I don’t think a cloak drone would be created.

Slim’s healing drone is his main heal, and he’s heal burst like all medics.

Sunny’s shield drone is the only shield in play except for assault’s personal shield.

If the best support had a cloak drone, the whole team would be cloaked the entire time because the support would just use their own cloak device as well.

Basically not a new idea. This may be a copy of Caira but a Field of unlimited Jetpack Fuel. Very short time

I was saying that that is what my old team and I would do. When someone went down our Laz would just hang back, and whoever wasn’t down would unload into the monster.

We usually ran Hyde and me as Cabot, so our strategy tended to be met with lots of success.

Naw cloak beam could work it would just have to be either an invisible beam or a beam similar to how cloak already works where it has a very slight shimmer so you could follow a hunter to the beam if you looked hard enough.

I think if a beam Shaners it’ll be harder to find the hunters.

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