Cloak Drone OP?

We already have drones that heal, do damage, shield and spams Gobi calls. Cloak Drone will be the cone come next… evil laugh

  • yes
  • OP but yes

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You’d still see the beam. Unless of course it was proximity.

Proximity would be the obvious choice, why would you think a beam cloaked is a good idea? :laughing:

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If the beam was invisible that would be pretty savage. O.O

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yeah no beams. :imp:

Cloak beam…interesting. That sound Op

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You could probably watch the Support, and see where they are aiming to find the cloaked Hunter. The charge probably wouldn’t be very big either. Lol pouncing a Hunter right as they got beam cloaked would be priceless if nobody else was nearby. XD

Lol, What was i thinking… cloak beam is useless lol

so cloak drone… like a small aoe or more like Slim’s bug. XD

Oh oh!!! Or a drone that sent out a pulse, that swapped all of the players name colors. i.e Assaults name might be green, Medics yellow, Trappers red, etc. As a Monster player THAT would throw me off more than a cloak, I’d have to pay close attention.

A little robot that floats above the hunters head and covers them in a faint yellow light that cloaks the hunter and dies when it’s hit? That works…

Well so its must have some kind of limited battery or time when use just to prevent prema cloak.

Still totes OP. That said, the idea sounds like it would look awesome.

Perma-cloak Laz!

It’s not that OP… Hunters uncloak when using weapons plus the drone still makes light you can see. And you can follow footprints.

And it just about completely counteracts the standard, ‘keep Laz out of the dome’ meta that is common with him. No real point when you can just throw him into some far off or out of the way part of the dome that the monster won’t so much as glance at. Unless the glow is really obvious, then it becomes useless for anything other than trying to have the lone survivor run away, ultimately the applications would most likely be way too powerful, or way to specific to be a useful or fun tool.

that would be so badass and broken.

I think Laz would do a beter job in a dome, getting chased by the monster gives a lot of free damage. Especially if Maggie and Bucket are on the team to punish the monster.

No good monster will take any real length of time to down lazarus, even if with cloaking. I would love to find some more strategies, but my old competitive team and I ran Laz, and the most effective technique we were ever able to find was just letting the monster try and body camp, and just punishing him then.

i see, your rigged the poll

I take back everything i said, this ability is way too OP. Imagine Parnell Roon’s style+ cloak drone… I dare you evolving…

yeah that’s what you do as laz, let someone go down and have the monster get punish for it. By being in the dome the monsters armor will be almost completely gone and you’re free to punish the permanent health.

I recommend you try this sometimes.