Cloak and beams


When I play Val or Hank, I find it often hard to see if the player is cloaked or not, if I’m further away and especially if there’s any foliage between us. That makes me unsure, if I should shield/cloak the player that’s being chased by a monster. Sure, there’s those automatic yells, but sometimes you just miss those.
I would like to see a more distinct cloak effect or silhouette color or something like that. Am I the only one having this problem?


Nah I’ve encountered it as well. Usually I am made aware through a barrage of teammate expletives.

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I shamelessly bump my own thread. Yet another hunter yelled at me, because I couldn’t see that he was cloaked and my beam pointed monster at him. Help, devs, help! Give cloaked hunters neon pink outlines! It can’t be that difficult!


I think the supports and Lazarus call out when they cloak. Having subtitles on helps noticing this.

On the other hand, it’s not that difficult to use your mic to say you are cloaked, so those players that yelled at you just needed to talk more.

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I had this happen last night.

Was playing Arena has Hank, and Lazarus was kinda far away being pummeled by monster. With explosions from other teammates, I couldn’t tell when he was cloaked or not, until he turned on the mic to yell at me for being an awful Support and shield-beaming him when cloaked.

Of course I know to not do it, but I honestly couldn’t tell. Maybe it’s my bad color vision?


Honestly he shouldn’t have reacted that way. If he has a mic he should be calling out WHEN he stealths so that you know not to shield him, not yell at you for shielding him because you didn’t see him stealth.


yeah this all the way. if they are getting that irritated that you shielded them when they were cloaked, they could have had the courtesy to turn their mic on and communicate with you during the match.

some ppl tho, you know?

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