Climbing without pressing shift, etc

is that just a bug or a hack? because this happen only to me if i play vs real people, and than just if they have (most of the time) over 200 hours

When you press Shift+Enter to chat, you’ll automaticly continue to climb. It’s fixed with another press of the button. It might also happen, when you use shift during chat

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Now something else happened, how can hank use his airstrike in caves?
And why have Emet no recharge time for his healing field?

oh and when did they patch that Torvalds rockets follow the monster?
I play Kraken and know how too doge them, but they follow me

Because the devs changed it without putting it into the patch notes. Poisen Perk and -Heal got buffed too without notification. I complained about it here:

Emet has nearly no cooldown when Bucket is around. If you see Buckets yellow circle, he used his Cooldown to help out his team and Torvald rockets don’t chase, the only rockets that chase are Emets. A good Torvald can predict your movement and will aim the mortar at that position, so you’ll eat them

Im a good kraken (75 hours gameplay) Lvl 35 and 78% wins by 190 games
I fly one way, and use my charge to change the direction if i see Torvalds rockets incoming, but they fly a curve and hit me…

in the games they dont had a bukket, it was emet and hank, hank used his airstirk in a cave (weather control, from the spawn the right one) and emet healed instant, he sayed the whole game “healing field is charged” again and again, without interval)

it was fucking annoying…

How’s your ping? If you have very poor ping vs. the people you’re playing again, some of these issues like the Torvald Mortars and the E.M.E.T healing may occur.

75hours ingame don’t mean shit. You still have a learning curve ahead of you and the other option for the recharge on Emet is Weather Control: Overpowered. If the Torvald situation and the Emet situation were during the same match it would have been Overpowered, both of them had 5 good buffs and Torvald would just spam his 11-13 (don’t know the right number) mortars with one clip

it wasn’t overpowered, and kraken is my newest monster, i know every buff location on every map, the best routes and the best fight spots, Goliath max lvl, Wraith max, Behemoth max, Gorgon max 470 hours gameplay. than someone hacked my Steam acc and i need to regain everything -_-

i rlly hate steam…

Still doesn’t mean shit. I have 2,6+k, had every monster on max in less than 3 days.
And you proof me right, you have to learn a lot.

A few things that might be the reason if it wasn’t overpored:

  • Ping
  • Cheats
  • you were missing information*
  • perk combination

*Would be easier for us, if you had a video of it

i know… but i play from time to time 1 game, and its annoying to start shadowplay everytime, and it just happen if i dont record! (demonstration effect… -_-’ )

Torvalds mortars dont chase the monster.
You afe probably not as good as you think and happend to play against a rly good torvald player who was just sitting below you and shot the mortars straight up.
75hours ingame is nothing. Look dude i have like 3.000 myself and i would consider myself beeing a shit monster player.

I love how you still bother to lurk around the forums to insult everyone, no matter if it’s newbies or devs LUL

Again , i have 75 hours ONLY with Kraken, my full ingame time is 550 h and
i play only monster , nothing else

Jup i get it. still nothing special. I have 3k hours and i would consider myself beeing a shit monster