Climbing noise


Ok so it differs for all monsters but I’m talking about my main man Double G to the G, Goliath.
The climbing noise is the same no matter what. Tiny ledge that you should really be able to walk over but need to hold the climb button to get over and thus trigger a “climb”? Grunt
Massive cliff to scale? Grunt
Exactly the same noise.

My suggestion is it scales depending on the length of the climb. Tiny little hop? Either no noise or a very small low volume grunt. Scaling all the way up for bigger climbs. It would probably max out on sound after a medium amount of climbing.

The point being to help being stealthy a bit more. It’s really aggravating when you’re pulling off some nice sneaks and dukes at close range and then there’s this ridiculously small ledge that pulls out a loudspeaker and tells the hunters "YO IDIOTS! HERE’S OVER HERE! HE WAS, WAS, PULLING OFF SOME SWEET SNEAKS. GO GET HIM!"
Yeah magic, thanks climb sound…

This would no doubt be pretty far down the list if it were to ever be implemented but I wanted to at least put it out there to see what people think.



Fuck yes.

Do the other Monsters have that?
I vaguely remember Wraith having one, so Kraken probably too.
But they don’t feel as loud.


Kraken’s is decently loud, since he makes weird fishy noises with every wall-leap.

Wraith makes scythe shink-ing sounds.

Behemoth just makes loud punching noises. No noticeable grunt.

Gorgon just makes a little rapid scurrying noise. I think her’s is the quietest.

And I don’t think I hit the respond button, so I’ll just tag you: @Rick.


Im for this.


I always wondered if the sound was only on my end.


If only


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