Climate change


Make the climate changes while playing the match

Stormy / rainy / Clear sky / tornado / desert climate

Suggestion :

Making the climate have dynamic changes . Imagine if You play a match in weather control map . It’s fair sky . Then suddenly the climate changes to be rainy / stormy / tornado


That would be a lot more stressful for the processor I think. Plus, it’s only really a cosmetic change at most, so it isn’t a high priority task imho


Well the stormy setting sucks for Hunters and the Clear Skies can go either way since it changes Wildlife Spawns in a map.

But this won’t happen because each map has a specific look to it and to add in day/night changes would be a ton of work when the idea wasn’t considered in the first place.

Plus I doubt we would hit day from night in a span of 10-20 minutes (for an average match).


but dosent clear sky get rid of predator wildlife as it says in the evac description


I thought that this thread was going to be about Shear’s icecaps melting or something.

I’ll leave…


I thought this was gonna be a topic on global warming and I’m not sure how to react to finding out what it actually is


I’d like to see this, but I don’t expect it as this would be quit difficult to implement.