Climactic Endings Needed


So first off, this game is pretty awesome, love the thrill of the hunt and the work you have to put in to take a beast down.
Problem is there’s no real big moment or sense of achievement, the creature just seems to keep on moving then it says you killed it and quickly cuts away.
I want that sucker to fall to the ground, letting out a final wounded howl as it crashes down hard, while the hunters let out a cheer or a “hell yeah, we did it!” to reflect the achievement of winning the battle.
I realise that right now the devs are prioritised on working on bugs and other stuff for the weeks following launch, but this would be a nice addition and make killing the monster as satisfying as it should be.


+1 to this.



I am in agreement


Good to see I’m not alone in thinking this. This game reminds me (in a weird way) a bit of shadow of the colossus, and in that game you really felt them go down so hopefully they can clean this up a bit and implement something in. Make the match endings less abrupt and clunky


I agree. I wish it had the hunters gathered around the monster and cheering.


Monster selfies


as long as the monster gets a cinematic of them devouring the last hunter. brutally.

btw i hope these are in game cinematics that are dynamic based on which monster/hunters are in the game.