Click Option for Smell Ability


Did anyone else find it a hindrance to have to hold the right stick on the Xbox One to activate the smell ability? I’m envious of PC because they most likely just hold down a simplebutton that in no way effects their movement or turning accuracy, whereas I find it more difficult to smell and move around. It’d be nice if there was an option for people like me to just click right stick and have it activate, with a second click canceling the smell effect the same way letting go of the right stick normally would.


Hmm I just always clicked the right stick in during the big alpha to smell. I don’t think holding it down did anything different but I could be wrong.


Maybe it was an option I over looked (I don’t think their was much in options for controller schemes), but I noticed early on that clicking gave me only a tiny flicker of smell and then canceled unless I held it.


Might’ve been something on your end, I remember just clicking it


Just clicking it in worked for me as well. Have you looked into your controller? Maybe the stick is faulty.


Controller works quite fine, played normally with all my other games. From the sounds of it, seems like it’s just me, maybe (hopefully) just a glitch I suffered due to it being the alpha. Hopefully I should fare better in the beta.


There was no ‘auto sniff’. You have to press it each time on the PC as well. I just bound it to my Mouse 4 button.


I never said there was an auto sniff. I figured that everyone one who used an analog controller had it the same as me, and because of that, thought PC had it easier due to people only having to press a key.


Well you said hold instead of press which made the confusion :stuck_out_tongue:


Ahh, well eitger way, if you have to hold or click , it’s easier for PC because they don’t use that same key to gauge leaps and turns for the monster.