Clear conflict with stated goals

Well…using your analogy, making the dome a simple drop removed the stress of trapping. We went from kicking a ball when others are preventing it to kicking a ball anywhere.

We went from hunting a Monster to knowing it will be caught and just choosing to catch it or not.

That’s a super poor use of my analogy :frowning:

Trappers no longer need to locate and corral the Monster. As long as they hear the Monster nearby, the instadome drops and the Monster is in.

But yes, the analogy was apt. They removed the Monster’s escape time and the necessity of the Trapper to weigh the benefits/detriments of local terrain vs timing.

Edit: the Trapper no longer needs to worry about anything other than “to throw the dome or not?” Tracking skills take a backseat when the game has now changed to simply being in range. As long as the Trapper is within 60 meters, dome drops. Sure. It benefits Trappers that aren’t under external pressure, but it makes it less about actually finding the Monster and just making sure we can engage.

Terrain can make some of a difference, but if the Monster is here, that’s still more important. Because if you look at the converse, there is no guarantee that the Monster will move somewhere more advantageous. More Trappers drop the dome right away than those looking for a location. The rest of the team also probably is more concerned with killing the Monster ASAP than getting into a good area.

Well I hope they at least do either of the 2, increasing time before dome drops or increasing dome cooldown by a lot. Despite all the seeing if there is some big fat wildlife in the dome is haaaard crowd, the fact is it is skill less. All roles should take skill and domes should not be guaranteed. Setting a trap in real life is not guaranteed either. Right now domes are a joke, so much for reducing the stress of monster AND trapper. All they did was remove stress from one and add to the other.

Only one thing needs to be said. If you don’t want to HUNT and TRY to land a dome, then play arena. Its instant and done for you.


Well, at least domes don’t need to be held. Now you can get domed in S1 with less armor than before and then you also get domed on Evolve because you still can’t make any space to evolve safely. Now that second dome is guaranteed thanks to the EZ dome changes. Monsters are pretty happy, I bet!


I am honestly confused by this assertion that you don’t need to actually track and hunt because of a 1 second dome time. Nothing has changed on the tracking and hunting side of things, the only thing that is different is the range in which the trapper can feel confident pressing the button. It feels like some in this thread are being somewhat dramatic about the situation.

My tip: If a trapper is dropping a dome on you from nearby because they’ve heard you, try not to be nearby, and try not to make a sound :smile:

Clearly Mazzel sent a fine ass basket of cookies and the devs caved ,nothing to see here.

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I don’t think any experienced monsters are getting domed S1 without full armor. You can get evolve ready about the time hunters hit the ground and start running, and full armor is only a small portion of that.

I never said they were? Every Monster except Wraith has less armor at Stage 1, now.

That is not what was meant. My statement about if you don’t want to hunt, was more in reference to if you want thing automatic instead of needing to actually try.

It is statements like these that don’t have a place in actual discussion. Yea sure we all get the choice when playing against good teams to just “not be nearby” the hunters. Thats right, I’ll just press that button on my keyboard that teleports me to the other side of the map instantly. I don’t even know why I have to say this but apparently I do. You cannot sit around sniffing 24/7 against a decent team, they will pinpoint your location quickly and easily. But I guess in your world we can just decide not to be nearby :unamused:

Monster awareness was just as much of a skill as landing an old dome was. Now they removed hunter side skill, it needs to be balanced again.


It’s different because the room for error is much much lower. Previously monsters relied on being able to juke a dome, now that is all but impossible. If you can smell the trapper it’s pretty much too late, especially with the generally circular or figure 8 map design this game has right now.

I like stage 1 domes as they are now, but I don’t like hunters being able to Stage 1 then also get the Stage 2 evolve dome. Choose one or the other you bastards.

This is what I was responding to. I don’t think any experienced monsters are getting S1 domed with less than full armor. Unless they are just not eating or wasting their time sneaking to the edge of the map, you will get full armor way before hunters drop.


And they will get domed with less armor than before, because the amount of total armor you can have at Stage 1 is now lower than the total maximum amount of armor you could have pre-patch. I don’t know why you would assume I was saying Monsters were getting domed without full armor, especially since even a cursory glance at most matches proves this isn’t the case. So you’d have to also assume I’m stupid or unobservant in order for your first response to make sense.

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Yes they did, and now we have “good” monsters complaining that their game has been ruined because their “never fight until the conditions are perfect” tactics have been obliterated. I’m not shedding a tear over it, personally :smile:

Again, I don’t feel this is an issue with anything other than monster tactics. You said yourself, good monsters will be almost evolve ready at the first engagement, if not ready, so I don’t know how they’re then getting domed on the evolve too, especially with the extra duration of in-combat stamina recharge?

I’m being coarse, but my point made stands. People are acting like as a monster you can allow yourself to be close to hunters and yet wonder why you get domed. I’m not saying “sit around sniffing”, that’s got to be the most stupid thing anyone would do right now if the hunters were anything other than on the edge of your range. If the hunters are looking like they’e getting close, then keep moving, and don’t let them get close. If you’re having issues with that, especially with the jetpack nerfs, then I highly recommend the smell range perk so that you can keep ahead of the curve.

You literally can decide not to be nearby. Don’t get yourself in a corner, use your wallhacks, take the perk that helps you guarantee wallhacks at the range necessary, and keep evading and juking. :smile:

But as I said to the other guy, clearly we’re not going to agree on what consittuted skill vs technique + luck, so I’ll leave it here for now :smile:

Juking no longer makes a difference as Monster. Once you are within range, the dome lands on your head…no way to juke out of that.

Juking makes all the difference if the trapper is trying to cut you off, same as it always has, and always will. Sell the trapper a dummy :smile:

Tracking and Hunting now means less. Let’s wrap your head around this: the stress on Trappers was that they needed to decide how to corral a Monster into the dome AND if even in range, how to guarantee the Monster will land in the dome.

Remove those two elements and it becomes: 60m? Dome.

That is simply what Trapping had become.

Don’t be in 60m of the trapper. Done :smile:

Not when the dome drops in one second. Unless you’re talking about burning a traversal.

Which I don’t believe is the same thing as juking.

Monster has no distance indicator.

Your advice is as useful as: “Don’t miss with your gun. Don’t take damage. Don’t drop below Gold. Don’t disconnect from the internet. Don’t lose.”

Doesn’t actually solve the problem. And just lampshades actual problems.

Sniff is plenty of indicator as it happens, if you are smelling the hunters then they are getting too close to you, so move on.