Clear conflict with stated goals

I feel like many of the stated goals about the hunt 2.0 patch from the livestream have not been achieved, at all. So many things were talked about and those things have not truly occurred. I was originally very excited about these changes but I guess that was preemptive.

My 2 major gripes are as follows

  1. The goal/hope that the changes would make MORE fights and a single dome wouldn’t make or break the game in a swing. This hasn’t changed at all. There aren’t more fights and a single dome still does make or break the game because of sheer damage output. 1 dome can bring a monster from full health+ armor down to 1/3rd to 1/2 of health, effectively shifting the hunt largely in hunter favor. Same thing vice versa. I have an 80% winrate as monster right now, Nearly all my victories and all my losses were 5-7 min games. This whole, oh more fights, less swing from one dome is a lie. Until you lower damage output it will continue to be one. A huge swing.

  2. Lowering the stress of trapper. Okay you didn’t lower the stress of playing trapper you just removed it 100%. Domes are skill less, you have to try very hard to miss. Not only are they now skill less but this pretty much makes their excessively short cooldown an aggravating factor for monsters. With something that can’t be missed, (thank you invisi wall) and with the massive 1-dome swing capabilities their cooldown should be quite a bit longer. If they took skill to land then absolutely I could understand the current cooldown but now even a blind man could land them. The obsessively short cooldown combined with the fact nearly all trappers take recharge means you will be domed stage 1, get enough distance to evolve, evolve and be domed immediately as it ends in most cases. Because of that it needs to be a “make it count” tool and not a oh well up again in just a few seconds.

TL;DR The game is still a 1 dome swing game for either side when it shouldn’t be and the skill less guaranteed abilities need longer cooldown (dome specifically).


Agree 100%. I was fine with that cooldown when they could miss arenas, but right now its ruining game for monsters. They removed stress for hunters and doubled stress for monsters.


That invisible wall when the dome is activated is bs .-.


I don’t feel this way at all. Almost all the games I’ve played have had more fights. Sure there is still the few games where the monster doesn’t fight and flees til 3 but they are far less games like that.
Especially when I play monster. I like to engage at stage 2 a bunch now. The majority of the game is stage 2 for me and it’s a lot of fun.
As far as the dome goes the trapper has a lot less stress, but now trappers have a far easier time setting up good dome locations. So now to be a good trapper its not just about landimg the dome its about landing it in the right location.
Overall these changes were good. Are patches needed? Yes. Will they come? Yes. Could matchmaking be better? Yes.
TRS went in the right direction with this patch and they will continue to work with what they have to fix old and new problems.

EDIT: I would be fine with a 10 or 15 sec increase to dome CD though. 45 sec goes by fast.

It’s actually the real dome, the animation for the dome takes too long, they’re fixing that. If you hit the “invisible wall” then you didn’t escape within the 1 second window.

I’m finding that matches can be over in one dome, for sure, but against more balanced opponents I’m seeing like 3 or 4 domes a match.

The skill of domes was never in landing them, it didn’t take skill to ping a monster until you could see he was within 30m of you, and ensure that it didn’t have 3 traversals before throwing the dome. It didn’t take skill to wait for a monster and hope that he didn’t double back on himself because he smelled that you weren’t actually behind him. That’s just a checklist of things to do before hitting a button. Now trappers are free to think about all the other things they should, honing the skill of throwing the right dome (or not throwing the wrong one).


Exactly. Instead of just counting seconds and pinging meters, I’m spending my time thinking about where I should throw the dome so it doesn’t loop around and has a higher ground location for Support and Medic.


I have spent so much more time looking at the dome’s projection of it’s range in the last week, seeing what it’s cutting through, what is inside it, than I ever have in the entirety of the 400ish hours I’ve spent in game before now. That’s a good change IMO!

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I’m such a nerd, I printed out images of the maps and marked where I’ve thrown domes I really like lol


OK, I’ll join you as a nerd soon, I’ve not actually marked anything out but it’s on my todo list to make some kind of record in the interim between now and just hard learning the best dome spots per map :wink:


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I disagree with that. I’m pretty sure those crazy domes landed are skillful. I’m sure those amazing griffin poon domes just barely keeping a pro monster inside during tourneys really got the hype going in chat and are exciting. It did take skill as it wasn’t guaranteed hence the holding the dome strat for a stationary monster evolving.

Honestly, as I have hinted, if hunters want to keep their skill less domes then fine but their cooldown should be much longer. Being able to be domed every 45 seconds is ridiculous for a guarantee.

I’m sorry man, I just don’t buy this theory oh we have so much stress and so much skill is still required because we have to glance at terrain for half a second.


And the worst change of all… I used to play 4-5 matches during lunch on weekdays. Now I’m lucky to get into 2. Pretty much kills the game for me when what little free time I have is spent trying to find hunters to play with. Only played one so far today… I’ve been “matchmaking” for over 30 minutes now.

Holding the dome was born of a stage 1 monster being too mobile in an arena to guarantee damage, under dome mechanics that meant you couldn’t guarantee there’d not be a loop or bad wildlife, and an eating pattern that practically ensured the monster was then free to evolve without fear of being domed. It wasn’t a problem getting a dome on a monster that stopped people from doming until the evolve :smile:

There is about as little skill in the Griffin poon domes as any other. At least with the other trappers you had to do some work to stop a fleeing monster enough to stay in the dome. Griffin was just a case of get in range, throw the dome, shoot the monster in the back. I’m happy to accept we have a different definition of what is skillful, for me nothing about the act of just getting within a certain distance and pressing a button (followed by another button if you’re Griffin which almost always guaranteed the dome would hit) was skillful.

Same here. If they had of brought down damage across the board games would last longer. As of right now every game is a 6 min loss or 6 min victory, which is especially annoying when you can only get one game an hour.

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I think they should’ve buffed Monster survivability at lower levels and allowed the staging to replenish health and buff lethality.

This incentivizes staging up, without forcing the Monster to glass cannon. Make it harder for a Monster to get away, but make it easier for them to stay alive and punish the Hunters. Allow them to whittle Hunter health away at lower levels (bursty), but then get to do constant damage at higher levels.

The Arena should drop in 2.5 seconds to start. Going from 5 to 1 was a little insane. I get that we want to have more fights, but that was a bit overboard.

Preach it till they start listening firend. Preach it.

The instant dome wasn’t a fix to stop stage 2 doming, it was to help crappy trappers. Stage 2 doming still occurs now, even when there is a stage 1 dome thanks to cooldown.


Never said it was, the devs have said that it was top stop the stress of the hunt for trappers, that’s the only reason they’ve given. They’ve also stated that the benefits of it are to allow trappers to think more about the domes they’re placing which… logically… is an improvement in the requirement of skill to differentiate between good and bad trappers.

To analogise, Running up to a ball and kicking it doesn’t take skill. Running up to a ball and kicking it through the goal posts does. Running up to a ball and kicking it through the goal posts while others are trying to stop you even more so.

The old system of trapping was just choosing to run up to the ball and kick it or not. It was technique and observation, it was never skill.

Well…it actually does take skill to land the dome. Or at least, it used to. The timing element was where the importance used to lie. It simply shifted to terrain, now.

All in all, it makes Trapping a lowered skill job and makes Monsters stress even more.

IMO there is far less skill involved in placing a dome (you really just need to know a few good areas on each map) than there is in actually having to keep up and trap a monster.

All they’ve done is made it super easy for hunters to play defensively and dome where they choose at chokepoints. I completely disagree that there wasn’t skill involved in trapping for Hunt 1.0. You actually had to anticipate monster movement.