Clay monster


Just finished my clay version of an evolve inspired monster, sadly I am not an amazing photographer. Now I have to wait another month and a half for it to dry before I can fire it. So many things broke trying to put it all together.

The pictures below are pen drawings I from other posts.

Last picture is a cheese wax version of its head, made from the remaining cheese wax used in making a cheese wax dragon, but alas tis a tale for another time.


Very nice design here :smiley:

A while ago I was asked what kind of monster I’d come up with if I had the chance and this is actually really close to it, something like a primal monster with the 4 arms that relies on its physical strength/rage to pummel its prey, similar to Goliath but with less rocks/fire and more non-stop haymakers like Wraiths supernova.

The head really brings out that primal feel to it too, almost like the early stage of its kind. Kind of like what the first alien from the Prometheus movie ended up looking like and then later on in the timeline with Alien and Aliens you see a more refined version of its species.

Either way I love what you’ve done here! :smiley:


looks cool 10/10


Damn this is your own design! I love the kaiju look of it, awesome work can’t wait for the finished product👌


“You’re pretty good.”


Damn son, that looks sick!