Classic evolve gamemode


i enjoy evolve stage 2 but the core of what made evolve special to me at the start, the real sense of teamwork and reliance on each member, especially the trapper! i feel is gone. the stretched out nature of the game coupled with the absolute key teamwork isnt there anymore. evolve stage 2 and its now free to play nature is perfect but i feel use it to booster the original, well crafted strategy game and dont just prostitute the game to deathmatch players who lack the patience and scrap what you started with. i miss the original evolve gameplay as it was unique among shooters. though enjoyable and still different evolve stage 2 feels more action less depth, it doesnt stand out from the crowd. i think having an oriinal evolve game with the stage 2 version (perhaps a selectable option off the homescreen) would make more of your game rather than replace what you had. i see no reason why both cant be had, different is good but more is better. does anyone else agree that the original gameplay style is gone from stage 2? and am i not the only one who wants it back again?


If I am not mistaken, the classic game-play will always be there. In Steam there is an option to either play the new Stage 2 or playing the legacy version.


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Legacy Evolve is available to play for all Founders on Steam.

If you are a Founder then just right click the game in your game’s library, go to “Properties”, click “Betas”, then click the button that says “NONE - Opt out of all beta programs” and change it to “legacyevolve - The Original Evolve Product”. This will begin the download for the original Evolve. You can swap between the two seamlessly after the download has completed though “Legacy Evolve” is likely to have a dead multiplayer due to the lack of players/Founders wanting to play it.