Class-themed Hunter Elite Skins


I think that the full body elite skins look cool, but the thought has been nagging me constantly that it’s a little boring that they are all blue. I was thinking that the blue looked good and made sense as a reward for playing medic, but that it was a shame that the other classes didn’t get their class colours.

I took the time to hue-shift just the blue parts of these characters to give them their class colours.

I added in the default skins on top for comparison:

I suck with photo editing so Bucket didn’t come out how I wanted him to, but my GF thought he looked good anyway.

Anyway I mostly just did this for fun, and I wouldn’t want the existing skins replaced since I’m sure people like them. It’d be neat to have these as an option though.


While I do really like the current elite skins, this would be great if they added more levels to characters.


Yes please, and add more hunter level or maybe UNLIMITED profile level just like overwatch


I really think all of these would look amazing!


I think all of those skins look good and would love it if they put them in the game. All I’m seeing from the current Elites is blue, blue and more, blue. Kinda wish you’d do a re-imagining of Deep Fried Renegade Abe’s skin (Blood Eagle).


What kills me is that Electro Griffin’s default outfit is blue when he’s a trapper. It kills me.


They’re adding more by the end of the month, I believe.


I’m going to say this. I’m not too big a fan of the elite skin you did for Bucket as I don’t believe that green matches the Support orange… HOWEVER!

I really love the look of Abe’s and Hyde’s. I think this would be really awesome and I’d love to see more if you ever made more.


Rogue Val is green and she’s a medic.


Well i like the skins you made but i also like the current elite skins. I’d love those skins for higher levels though


Send me screenshots to work with and I’ll make more, since I don’t have everyone elited. On the topic of Bucket though, I DID say I suck with editing and that he didn’t come out how I wanted.