Class Swapping Adaptations


I’d like to know the opinions of all players on this subject. Renegade Abe is now an Assault rather than a Trapper; some love it, some hate it, some are indifferent. I’d love to know what everyone thinks and why.

The R. Abe thing
Renegade Abe, Hunter Variants & the Lore
  • I love it.
  • It’s okay.
  • I hate it.
  • I don’t care.

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I think putting in Class swapping variations only opens worlds of possibilities and options for the Devs. While many dislike it, I think it will bring only good. Besides, all variations aren’t cannon anyways, so whats wrong with clones meeting each other every now and then?


It depends on how far they take it.


ive said it at least 10 times now and ill keep saying it.

  1. It ruins consistency.

  2. It ruins lore.

Now, i dont even know if each class will get 10 characters (like they should). And what about the variations that are in the class their original is in? Its inconsistent and bad design. R Abe could have easily been a trapper, but they stuck him in assualt for no reason. Not to mention its going to be a fuckin pain in the ass for Hunters and Monsters when they have to play with 2 of the same character!


For casuals who don’t read lore? It’s good for those guys and TRS’s to create content.


Like i get that it allows for more freedom when designing a variant, but its not worth the trade off. Everything is gonna get so mixed up. And if R Abe doesn’t do that much damage, like the reveal claims, THEN WHATS THE FUCKIN POINT FO MAKING HIM ASSAULT???


You dont even need to read any lore. Its told to you BY the hunters every dropship! The Lore of evolve is an integral part of the game. You want to find out how and why the monsters are on Shear!


I agree with it being a great way for diversification. They opened pandoras box now. Everything’s possible. It doesn’t mean every future adaption will switch classes though. It just gives the devs more creative freedom.

Don’t make too many switched adaptions though, pubs might get too confused at some point.


Trapper Bucket and his turrets shoot stasis like Crow this was supposed to be a joke but then I realized it could happen


I love it.I could not care less about the "lore " of this game


Im very, very curious what our writer thinks of these variants. @Matthew Which variants are considered cannon, and would you prefer them to be cannon or not?


DNC being one of those guys.


Democratic National Convention?


No the guy above who said he don’t care about lore many gamers probably don’t.


I don’t get how and why people hate it. ITS SO COOL!


Ive laid out the reasons i hate it. go read them and then we can discuss.


“I’d love to know what everyone thinks and why.” Daww :heart:


At this point give every character an adaptation for a new class. Maybe even switch stuff around like make Wasteland Maggie do more damage and maker her an assault. A full team of Bucket is priority numbero uno


I hate it. I hate it so much. I think it’s about time I addressed why what with all the fuss I’ve caused in threads today.

  1. 2 of said character per team. Ridiculous. I enjoy getting immersed in games. On top of everything else, this now seens impossible.

  2. I love Trappers for their uniqueness and main Trapper. I was really looking forward to Renegabe and I am left feeling like I’ve had a Trapper Variation stolen from me.

  3. I figure they haven’t just nicked Abe and some other character (maybe C Bucket?) will be a Trapper adaptation, but I don’t want that. I don’t want a non-Trapper character cluttering the ranks of my Trappers.