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Because of me only being paired with terrible teammates and not wanting my league placement to suffer I started playing PvP evacuation. My order of preference is as follows: Trapper, Support, Medic, Assault, Monster. There were 3 other people in the game I joined. One preferred Support, one preferred Medic and one preferred Trapper. This meant I didn’t get my first, second or third choice. That’s fine and understandable. I’d be selfish if I complained about that. But it made me MONSTER. 1) It was my 5th choice, 2) There wasn’t anyone in-game occupying my 4th choice. Is this a bug or is there a reason for this travesty.

It happened again, except this time both Medic and Assault were unoccupied. It’s as if Evolve is deliberately driving me away. Hunt messes up, Evacuation messes up. And I’m not the guy to sit and play against bots.

Since you were playing PvP one of you needed to be the Monster and it seems you were the last one to join the game before the time went out so it probably threw you on Monster.

Have you played Hunt 2.0 yet? You won’t get Monster if you don’t want it anymore.

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I have played PvP evacuation before and there was sometimes no Monster. I didn’t see anything about it in te Update notes.

I have played 5 games of Hunt 2.0 but after I stopped trying. We always get a game of four Hunters, I am usually faster so I get Trapper before anyone else, 2 aren’t interested in Trapper or don’t mind not being it but some dashboard as soon as they see that they can’t be Jack, and then we go out of the game and sit searching for another player for 15 minutes.

Found more BS. It was a full lobby. My preference is Trapper, someone’s preference was Support, someone’s preference was Medic. 2 people preferred Assault and I was made the Monster. I hate playing as Monster. The Monster and Hunter separation was about the only thing done right about Hunt 2.0. Rank system is inaccurate and matchmaking takes for every. Whereas in Evac, matchmaking is quick but I’m always made my 5th choice even when my 1st is not occupied. So I leave and try to join a different game, but instead I join the same game in progress with randomly selected Monster and abilities. This is getting annoying. No motivation to play Hunt and I can’t play Evacuation a way that I find fun. So, I’m left with either only playing bots, or a minigame, which because of the recent Monster buffs is probably also ruined.

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