Class selection screen + Map awareness


Hello everyone :blush:

So far i noticed few misleading content that consumes too much time to comprehend.
I’ll post my feedback in a form of a patch idea so it will be more clear to viewers.


  • Changed colored dots and squares on map to Icons representing
    Classes, Daisy, Monster & one of four Gadgets. (Icons appear also in
    an after match replay MAP

  • In Class section screen we see a list of 2 previously played characters as small portraits underneath the name of each player.
    (Those appear to all players no matter which side are they on, and how many games we played with each person)

  • While picking a class and character in the Hunters team, we always have a small portrait shown underneath each player as to who they picked.

  • When loading to a game and before taking control of a particular character we are shown both teams as portraits. Also instead of pressing E to take control of the AI, we are given a screen of perks to choose from, and selecting one would be equal to joining the game.


  1. It’s really hard to quickly check where is which player, considering we have to check on the color of each class and then assign them to the dots on the map. Instead of doing so, it would be easier to show mini icons of each class on the map, and icons for gadgets on the map.
  2. Since from the side of Hunters the game is all about cooperation even during a pick phase, it’s sometimes very unlikely to win if the enemy is predictably very good in stealth and we have a very poor set of characters with only one of them with a tracking mechanism. Or if we really need a way to slow his attacks and cover each other, but in reality all of the team only dishes out damage. Team composition is crucial while picking your character as well as seeing who would pick who, and what can we predict him to play based on previous games.
  3. When joining an already played game, we are unable to tell who we are hunting or who’s hunting us, so being able to see it would help a lot, as well as giving the option to actually choose a passive perk which we’re unable to do when joining an already started match.

Those would be all :slight_smile:
So far very enjoyable game.


I actually know the colors better than I know the icons. I always mix up support and assault.

It literally says the selected character name at the bottom of your screen.

This one I actually like. It’s annoying to not know which perk I have because they effect my play style (like reload speed I run way riskier domes) and I always have to ask what I’m hunting and what we have.