Class emblem backgrounds for badge design


So we already basically have the Support Shield emblem as a starter, so why not the others? Medic=Cross, Assault= Bomb etc. Could be a subtle way to both represent your fav class with background design AND fav character with the animal foreground (Cabot= Phoenix and so forth).


Cabot is an eagle lookin’ thing. And I dunno, three moons and stars has been serving me well.


I’m running that in a light blue with the second Laz badge (one with the hood) in all white and it’s serving very well as a medic tag lol.


Yeah it definetly looks like an eagle, but in the Evolve Hunter mobile game its listed as “Phoenix”…and the Elite Cabot badge has fire around its head so idk, not sure what happened with that concept. Anyway all the Hunter specific emblems are named (in mobile game) in the Mastery section where you level up your console characters.


Oh neat I didn’t know that. It’s still an Eagle to me though lol.