Class / Character-Select Screen Lock Out Issue


So this has happened to me about a half dozen times over the past few weeks.

Online ranked Hunt 2.0 on PC with controller. All parties have selected their class, a monster player has been found, we load into the character select Menu and then…you can’t actually select anything. You can move around through the classes as shown but I’m pressing the A button virtually the entire time here and nothing happens. The only thing you can do is wait for the timer to countdown, then the game forces you in but it chooses the character and perk, and the load time can then be quite long as it figures itself out. I have been in queue with a friend who had it happen to him as well, on at least two occasions. I get the feeling that this may not be a new thing, but I just haven’t seen it talked about before.

If this has already been raised then any Leaders / Mods feel free to move it into another post, but I just hadn’t seen it here before.