Class changes


I’ve been thinking and I think the game could benefit greatly from a few hunter tweaks. My one complaint about the classes is every hunter per class has ability that is the same no matter what tier you are playing. For example, what if each trapper had a different sized/shaped dome? Circle, rectangle, triangle, octagon, etc… and not only that but with if each one of those domes “spawned” a different way? The dome that is in now is fine, but what if a trapper was able to throw the dome a little farther away, but the dome was smaller so a trapper could hunt out alone and not be trapped in a dome by himself? Or what if instead of spawning from the top one goes from the ground up, or starts where the trapper is located and the walls go up before the celing?

The other thing I was thinking about was the healing bursts on the medics. You already kind of changed it with Slim being it heals less but is a bigger diameter but what about the other three medics? Hunter specific healing bursts could greatly change gameplay.

For support what if not every support had cloak, or maybe a camoflaged ability? Maybe a big shield they can play that the monster cant attack through.

I’m mainly a hunter player and am terrible with the monster so maybe these are just ridiculous ideas i dont know, maybe some monster players could chime in, but i think with these few changes per hunter I think it could greatly change the way people choose and way they play.


Out of all class abilities I’d be careful with domes as they are rediculiously integral to the core design of the game.

As of next patch every single healburst will be unique. Val will have high self heal, laz is already weaker but lower cooldown, caira is stock as it gets, slim is wide and wussy.

Other then making a list of class abilities to choose from I don’t see much tweaking they could do to any other classes abilities.


Domes cannot change. They are the single most important hunter utility.
As said above, all the medics have different types of heal burst.
Support cloak I could see working, maybe Bucket could have a larger field but longer cooldown while Cabot has the opposite.
Assault shields don’t really have much to change. It’s a shield. Only thing I could think of is 1 shield reduces knockback distance more.


As far as the domes are concerned I think different shaped domes would make the hunters think a little more when doming. I’m not saying to necessarily nerf the current dome but just a slightly different shape could give a whole new feeling in a battle, especially in caves, out in the open, in water, etc.


I want cabot to have personal cloak that can be activated and deactivated like hank’s shielder - but personal only instead of team cloak.

Or rather, maybe modify Laz’s cloak to be like that. To increase his survivability.

That wouldn’t be OP at all, implement now please! :smiley:


I actually really like this idea. Keep the core ability the same, but tweak it per hunter to really make the individual stand out. That would certainly make each hunter feel like his own man, and less like he has one function that he’s defined by.

That being said, I don’t really see how practical it is. I mean, the healing bursts are all different (or will be soon) and that makes sense. And the different dome shapes could be either cool or game breaking. Hard to tell without testing. I think it would be a huge change that requires a lot of work from the devs, to solve what is already not considered a problem. All the abilities work, they’re just the definition of that class. As interesting as this idea is, I can’t say I ever expect to see it implemented.


I not only think that this will work but I think it is pretty much garunteed we will we something like this for the game. The characters are so varied, that it is almost certain to me that if TRS doesn’t give us different class skills at some point. Then as we get more skill/teamwork based characters we will see different examples of class skills. Probably not as drastic as shape changes… Because a dome just fits the geometry of the game well enough with plenty of awkward places to get stuck anyways… But definetly size and function changes


  • a trapper with no dome but who focuses only on CC… Pretty much, I can’t stop you, but once I find you. You will have a lot more trouble getting away

  • a battle trapper with a dome that is lightly smaller then normal fomes … Forcing the monster into a straight up struggle… But it only lasts for 30 seconds

  • a support with toggleable, faster recharging, or longer cloak

  • an assualt with a stronger shield that lasts longer… But takes a long time to charge


I’d really like it if you could “customize” your loadout! But sadly, I think even yet more balance would be required to fix every alternative.


Keep the dome as is! I was playing against a monster that turned the corner and the dome went up and he got stuck in the dome between a wall and nobody could get to him.


There’s been a lot of talk about different kinds of domes. Like electric fence domes that zap monsters that hug the dome, but don’t last as long. etc. I’ve seen a few good suggestions out there.