Class Abilities Suggestion(Could Help Bucket)


We’ve come a long way since vanilla, and one of the changes I’ve noticed is how much different the medics are, but more specifically, their heal burst.
Correct me if I’m wrong but at release all of the medics’ heal bursts were the same(or at least a lot more similar).
So, why when looking at balancing characters, TRS only made heal bursts character specific?
My primary suggestion is to buff Bucket’s cloak since it is his only method of protecting the medic and actually supporting the team defensively. This could also apply to Cabot and be the opposite for a hank.
Cloak could be changed in three major ways:

  1. Radius
  2. Duration
  3. Reload
    I would think that reload makes the most difference and it would be cool to see bucket having a faster recharging cloak than the other supports, while hank has a shorter lasting cloak.
    But this doesn’t end with Supports.
    I think having different domes for trappers would be kind of lame, however. Mostly because all the trappers are balanced fairly well right now.
    Same goes for assaults other than Lennox. I know how everyone is saying how Lennox is perfectly balanced, and that’s true. However, had she had not been as balanced, and UP, the first thing I would have sufgested is increase her duration or recharge of shield because of how up close and personal she is as a melee character.
    This is just an idea but I think it would be cool.

A tweak to the offense-oriented cloaks could be cool. Give em a little bit more defense. I would opt for a larger radius - Bucket could cloak the Medic from a bit further away. :open_mouth:


I don’t think bucket needs help…bucket needs a team comp that he really fits in.

Something like torvald, laz, or something where there’s a ridiculous amount of damage bonuses for his turrets.

He needs the full complement…so that he out performs the damage amp/ ease of use in general of cabot.


I know that a Laz comp is good, and val to an extent, but I don’t think that TRS wants it to be that way.
I remember MacMan saying that all comps should work together and while characters can compliment each other they shouldn’t be necessary.


This would be a great idea for all classes, give certain characters different attributes to their class ability, longer duration, faster CD or larger radius depending on who, i think this would really bring out the best out of each hunter aside from their kit, they have a X factor with class abilities but something special to each characters would be awesome, @MacMan any thoughts?


We have been doing a bit of this with the medics. I definitely think it’s a possibility for other characters.


Would be awesome to see what you would do with this


Imo. I think of it more as bucket not being bad so much as the meta not really being a place bucket can shine… I think that bucket probably doesn’t directly need too much more than what he’s got…if hes gonna get it.

Maybe thats the whole…over buff so that people trust that he’s good and learn him, and you grow the duders player base, and then tune down to where he should be again now that ppl respect him…but…eh. I dunno. People are dumb.


It’s one of the things I appreciate most about the Medic class, each one is completely different, even down to the class heal burst. It’d be cool if this was taken a look at with Support to further balance, and even add more uniqueness to, the different characters. Kind of like how Laz has a really short cool down on a large healing burst to make up for the fact it’s his only real healing ability.


I think Bucket’s main problem is that he doesn’t really bring much to a team that can’t be done more efficiently with Cabot. Even the often vaunted Laz/Bucket combo to deal with Monsters who tend to body camp is way, way more dangerous if your Support is Cabot. He can even rail through walls to deal with Bob eating bodies behind rock walls.


I think bucket wants a team that splits to look for the monster. Bucket is much more solo-oriented then cabot, and doesn’t require the assault to be with them to deal damage…just CC…so there are like two paths group-wise that I see that taking…ultimately though, I agree to an extent Cabot trivializes Bucket’s role…by doing the same thing, but generally within shorter periods of time.

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