Clarify in forum rules that there is a censorship

Since negative and honest feedback is unacceptable I would like to see a disclaimer about that. Something like “If our game is giving you negative emotions we dont want to hear about it, it’s your problems even if it’s our fault that game is at bad state”. Professional devs could become upset so hard that they cant work in industry anymore (or fix the game I guess) - after reading the post of some dude in the forum. P R O F E S S I O N A L. I cant believe they are serious.

Also there should be a disclaimer “We are against censorship, but any thread could be locked because it could devolve into something.” - this is similar to response the mod gave me after locking thread with no reason.
Mods, go and close “Telemetry and balance” It could devolve, you know.

This is getting ridiculous.

They’re censored, because they tend to strike up arguments that aren’t intended to be on the forums; as those arguments tend to break a number of separate rules. Or so that’s how I see it.
Same with this thread, has that potential as well.

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No way it gets locked. This is a suggestion to bring positive thigs in our community. To inform people what is good and what is bad.

When a preschooler throws a tantrum instead of explaining his problem to the teacher, does he get ‘censored’ or does he get a time out?


Hm, opinions differ I suppose.
You can take most of your comments here if need be.


It’s also worth noting that threads discussing the admins/mods decisions is not allowed and you should instead contact appropriate staff directly trough PM.


It’s not a discussion of the decision. It’s an suggestion to make a disclaimer to clarify the rules.

In response to your claims of “censorship”, we locked your thread because while we appreciate constructive criticism and feedback, constant negativity does nothing but beget more negativity. While we thank you for the bugs you brought to our attention, allowing the thread to remain open would’ve resulted in nothing but needless arguments and toxicity, which is not something we can allow.

Furthermore, if we wanted to censor it, we’d have hidden it. It’s still visible to anyone who wishes to view it.

And finally, discussions of moderation are not permitted on this forum. It’s one of the rules you agreed to and as such I have to uphold it here. Good day.

MOD EDIT BY @Takran : If you have any concerns with moderation, you can bring it up with any mod or developers like Shanners or DamJess. We always aim for fairness - the specific threads you bring up were closed because of aggression, rudeness, flame wars, and the like.