Clarification on Slim's spore clouds


Not sure if this has been answered or not. Is the monsters senses nullified inside or outside the cloud? For example. The monster is clouded but the hunters aren’t, will it still smell the hunters outside? The hunters are inside but the monster isn’t, can it still smell the hunters in the cloud? I know if both hunters and monster are inside, it definitely can’t. But does it work when one side is inside and the other is not?


If the monster is INSIDE the cloud, he can’t smell anything ((although health bars WILL appear if he gets a direct hit with an ability example flame breath)). If the monster is OUTSIDE the cloud, he can smell as he would normally. If HUNTERS are inside a cloud and the Monster is OUTSIDE than the Monster can smell the Hunters inside the cloud.

I hope that clarifies it a bit.


Yeah, thankyou. I was fighting a Kraken earlier and he was really far away, I was curious if hitting my team would cloud them so he couldn’t see us. He’s been the hardest to use against Krakens lately so trying to see if spore cloud could be used that way. Guess not >.<


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Question answered!