Clans, communities, and groups? Where are they?


After looking over the forums hoping to find a community, I have noticed we do not have any centralized clans based around Evolve. Even worse, communities are not posting to recruit for Evolve as a game. We have a ton of players posting in this section hoping to find a community to join and they find nothing usually. Another issue I see is that mods and players respond to the posts of players like this and tell them to use a common LFG site that we all know about. Can we get a forum section for clans and communities? Is this not supposed to be that section? If someone posts in this section the assumption should be made that they are looking for a community or clan, not friends who just want to play one game and split.

Maybe a solution for this would be to add a post dedicated to posting communities and clan names that focus or have players playing Evolve.

Tl;dr - We need clans and communities for Evolve. No one is getting anywhere.


TAW ( is one of the few clan / communities actively recruiting actually. We’ve got our own recruitment thread posted up, and I personally have been posting replies to people’s threads when it is an individual, or private messaging when people post on the main looking for group channel.

Unfortunately we are PC only so I can do nothing for the X or PS users. >_>


Kudos for being one of the few. Thing is there has to be more. This game is pretty big and I have seen games much smaller have clans day one. Is there some conspiracy? DOES EVOLVE EXIST? looks around Oh no they have found me out. Send help! xD


I think the main things stopping a lot of big clans forming or moving in is that first most of the people seem to be more interested in just small groups, plus the fact that we don’t have an in-game clan system or group ranking system.


I have seen an interesting concept being formulated concerning group rating. Basically base it on the overall rank of every member on the team. I think someone is making something like Destinytracker with it in mind. Overall though, not having a clan and ranking system is a put down to forming clans. Should not stop people from promoting it though.