Clan Support and Party Chat


I was curious about two things:

  • will there be an in-game clan system?
  • will there be an in-game party system?

To clarify on the clan system - will there be an option to create a clan/faction/group in-game that differentiates from the player’s list of friends (on PSN/XBL/Steam) and the option to display a clan tag. If so, will there be a separate leaderboard for clans?

To clarify on the party system - will Evolve use the PS4 and XB1’s party chat to supersede match/lobby chat, or will there be an option in-game to organize a group of players. I realize the latter’s redundancy should the former take precedent, but I was just wondering.



This is a very important question.

Combat Arms had a clan system and clan war system that people LOVED and it basically sparked competitive play. How it worked was there were separate servers for clan warring and only people in clans could join them, once two members of two different clans joined it would lock the server so only members of those two clans could join.

There were global rankings and stats.

This sparked hundreds of teams and even to this day there are cash tournaments

I haven’t played this game since 2007-2008


Party system is confirmed, what it will include has not been. Also it was confirmed that if you are using the party system with friends, nobody in that party can be the monster if they are using the matchmaking. Only allowed to be on opposite teams in custom games.


from what I understand, if you are in a chat party on PS4, your teammates can’t hear you but you can hear them (don’t quote me on this). I think this is more about figuring out how the PSN/XBL chats work


Anymore news on clans and/or party? I would love to make a clan with website and all that good stuff :stuck_out_tongue:


Come on give the people what they want :smile:, not asking for much just in-game clan support!!!


agreed if your gonna have team based tournaments without a clan system its very very hard to find people to join up in a serious manner im trying now and have been for a very long time with no succsess.
Gamertag- Mogallmagus
please add me and message me i am looking to join tourney but cant find people to play with!