"Claim" your favorite Monster/Hunter!


This thread will be used for people in the forums that have a favorite character, and can “Claim” them!

This thread will also be used to get to know each other well here in the community!

Example: @demonhunter1245 claims Torvald!

As you claim your favorite Hunter/Monster in the comments, I will update this thread list.
So bring on the claims!

@ToiletWraith claims Hyde!
@Moiser claims Caira!
@demonhunter1245 claims Torvald!
@Buckets_Sentry_Gun claims well, Bucket’s sentry gun!
@Trollogrefey claims Blitz Leopards!
@10shredder00 claims the Gorgon!
@Azmi_Anuar claims Miley!
@Pythios claims next draconic hunter and monster!
@I_T_U claims the Dune Beetle!
@EyelessWolf claims the Behemoth!
RaggityMan claims Laz!
Venom_Striker claims Gobi!
TwistingTerror claims the Tyrant!
IncognitoRabbit claims Cabot!
FengShuiEngine claims Val!
Buckman71 claims Slim!
B_Wood3235 claims Savage Goliath!
Grimy_Lief claims the Mammoth bird!
TheMountainThatRoars claims Kraken!
MidnightRoses claims Jaina!
Heat_Sleep claims the Wraith!
DivineThorn claims Jack!
MrCrackMan claims the Glaciopods!
Seanical claims Bucket!
Lord_Pharaoh claims Meteor Goliath!
Rapterran claims Elite Gorgon!
Shin claims Maggie!
TAYLOE claims Sunny!
Major_Warrior claims Elite Wraith!
Exoda claims the Jackal!
DarkMesa claims T5 Support!
iEcaly claims Elite Behemoth!
The_Mastermind claims T5 Medic!
vgman94 claims Voodoo Wraith!
Rickvs claims Obsidian Grubs!
Sepiablitz claims Crow!
Bot claims Voodoo Gorgon!
MHRathian claims Goliath!
SQUAry_berry395 claims Parnell!
xTr1ckOrTr3atx claims Calypso Kraken!
toolbear claims the T6 Monster!
Buznik claims Frostbite Wraith!
theweird95 claims Gorgon Freeman!
Hyde claims the Steamadon!
miles_mungin claims Lennox!
Kepil claims “Bob”!
SedoUmbra claims Daisy!
Afius claims Griffin!
Gobacuga claims “The Hot One”!
CptBoomBoom claims Ms. Wolksi!
BEAF claims Voodoo Goliath!
Seven02 claims Magma Goliath!
Mecha_madness claims the Host!
Shawshanks_Better claims Wasp Wraith!
schmogmog claims the Mining-Drones!
Goliath90152 claims Meaty!
Gojl94 claims Gold Goliath!
LumbosWrath claims Elite Goliath!
Magnus_Medic claims “Buzz”!
ElGenerale claims the Laurie-Anne!
Leonidas44 claims the Lightning Smiley Face!
UndeadNecrosis claims the symbol of Osiris!
Kaptinskorge claims Frostbite Goliath!

If I excluded you, its because I forgot, so remind me, and I will update the list (Nicknames may be included also).

You may only claim one each person.


I get the Blitz leopards.

they are so adora-ow-adorable…


Everyone knows I’ve claimed Gorgon.



you and @Azmi_Anuar will have to fight for that one


Too bad. It’s official, claimed her first :wink:


Gorgon for Shredder, Miley for Azmi.


That is a good compromise.

Hey shreds, you want a miley skin for gorgon too right :stuck_out_tongue:


I claim the next draconic hunter and monster.


I claim…

Dune beetle! Because everyone hates them. But don’t worry Dune beetle. I will love you.

Just look at that loving face


BEHEMOTH or Wraith? Behemoth yeh


God no :laughing:

I’m still curious if Gorgon will have an alternate skin for purchasing the Hunting Pass


I don’t see gobi here yet…
I claim him officially


The healing field is ready! Perhaps it is better to wait for death.

I claim Laz. I love his unique kit and his personality.


I would hope.


I enjoy tyrants lol…well not enjoy them as a hunter or monster…just like the creature itself is pretty awesome


Lol I can only tag 10 people in a post, sorry to the rest of the people, I cant tag anymore, I’ll just put your name.
Keep up the claims!


Put them in later through the thread.


@MaddCow or @Buckets_Sentry_Gun you should totally pin this >.<


MaddCow claims Cowliath A.K.A Goliath Taurus.