Circumcision and closed topics

Continuing the discussion from Equal rights research essay…appalling double standard:

i know this discussion was closed, sorry,
but i just have to say this is probably the most correct statement ive ever heard.

as to why this topic was closed, Im not sure. there is a reason an ‘off topic’ category exists, and this is that reason.
creeping death may have came off a little strong about his opinions but that doesnt make it fair to shut down his thread so quickly.
hear me out here , i have nothing against the leader that closed this thread, but if everybody becomes so sensitive that we cant talk civily about anything without it being labeled as offensive,


i just want to throw my two cents in because all these topics being closed for no LEGITIMATE reason is really disheartening to me. it makes me wonder if the world is heading in the right direction…

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I’m sorry to say, but things like this aren’t exactly taken well.

And if the topic was closed I garuntee there was a valid reason.

Things like these to get out of hand VERY quickly on online forums, so yeah, kind of a good call from the mods

Sorry, discussions about Leader or Moderator’s actions can only be in PM, thus, I’ll have to close this.

Feel free to PM a Leader or a Mod to ask why they close it.

I can personally guarantee that if we close it, we put good thought and consideration into it.

Discussions like this tend to go to hell. Our community has proven time and time again that it cannot civilly handle ethical or political or sensitive debates. Don’t get me wrong, I love them too. But our job is to moderate; and if that means that sometimes we have to nip it in the bud, make people call censorship or accuse us of unfairness than ah well.