Cinamatic Mode in Observer Mode?

All this mode would be is allow you to free fly around the map in observer mode with some smooth camera movements. Reason I would like this is so cool edits could be made and I think it would be epic to be able to film monsters and the hunters from different angles which would make for some great videos! Even if it isn’t for videos it would also be nice to be able to freely fly and have your own POV on games that you watch.

Very simple to add but would anyone else but me want to see this?


I’d think controlling it like the new Bucket UAV might work?

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I think they’ve denied this because the maps only render what everyone sees so if the observer is just viewing other parts of the map then the four Hunters and Monster have to render what observer sees as well.

I’d like to see a reaver attacking a megamouth and then the megamouth swallows the reaver whole yeah it’d be cool.

Very interesting idea, but then we would be able find the hidden cupcakes fast! :scream:

Could just make them none visible to those in the mode. Didn’t know there were many hidden round the maps, I am only aware of the one in the drop ship and Sunnys weapon.

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I would be certain that in today’s tech it would be possible to make that not an issue considering so many other games it can be done with. I can agree you may then spot wildlife spawning but this I am sure could be fixed or wouldn’t be that much of an issue. Even if you can download the game play after and then view it in this mode.

Hmm that could work! And yes, there are hidden cupcakes in some maps, you should check the cupcake thread, I think some cupcakes haven’t been found yet.