Chuffed with the Quick play HUNT mode influx thats happening! :)


I have been playing evolve for a couple of hours now, PLAYING HUNT MODE!!! :smile: so has everyone been playin quick play hunt mode? It has even started to bring in maps that I have only played in solo mode like barracks and aviary along with broken hill mines. Mind you I lost every game but getting better as I have had some practice time with real people online. I could hide in bushes away from hunters and stalk them from just meters away, Its the first time thats happened as bots dont see bushes, they will spot you straight away. one game I had the complete upperhand for the first time in ages, with full life, good shield bar, level 3 early in the game, killed lennox and jack once and half the power generator bar destroyed, attacked jack and lennox again and boom with every move I took goliath froze up, happened so much in that critical moment I lost,even clawing at the hunter was goliath raising his arm and holding it there, while the team gave eachother health and shield, Needless to say I wanted to smash something literally I was destroyed. Now Im paranoid it will happen again, hasnt happened since but sure havent had such an advantage since either lol

But either way I’m chuffed with being able to get a game of hunt with real people, this is why i purchased the game a month ago and only played a handful of games with actual people. So not sure if trs are responsible for this change in hunt ratio or whether its a freak accident but thanks appreciate the the break from defend and arena matches :smile:


That’s just luck, bro.


i played quick mode and yesterday it would take almost an hour just to see a hunt match, today its opposite, I havent seen a defend match ( MIND BLOWING STUFF ) and I got one arena match out of almost 10 games, everything else was Hunt. So weird if its just look,


It is just luck. TRS hasn’t done anything to Quickplay.


Well if they havent they should, I just dont wanna go back to the usually searching for a hunt, there really should be a quick play button just for hunt mode IMO



I have to agree

About 95% of the community has trouble… Your a good egg :slightly_smiling:


Don’t call it having trouble. There’s no issue with playing a game mode other than Hunt. It’s simply playing a game mode other than Hunt. Call it what it is.


Is it even possible to find a game of HUNT…

On ps4, its pretty dead… Or impossible


I have been playing hunt as mentioned and there are plenty of people actually playing on pc in this mode, usually i dont want defend or arena but even at that we usually find it a waiting game. I hope that it stays like this because it makes the game seem like it has life in it, for the first time I can see a really healthy player base :smile: the game isnt dead it just need a tweek or two


I heard ps4 had that issue to, but frequency should be similar across all platforms I would have thought


i think ps4 players have realized that getting a game when in sliver or gold is useless… They moved to quick play, everyone voting to skip defend…


u must be very lucky

i hv make my Rank to Bronze-Destroyer just because i hv hard time to get hunt as monster in quick play

since im Bronze-Destroyer i can play hunt as my beauty Gorgon so easy and every time and i get much better teams as in quick play ^^


Huh. I play Evolve on ps4 and its pretty rare we dont get a full party


My (little and fresh) experience on PS4 tells me quick hunts are quite fast to find full party.
People agree to skip defend most of the time.

However I struggled to find full hunter party in ranked mode since there’s always a hunter that disconnects before we find a monster…