Chuck Norris DLC Hunter (not really, would be funny though...)


30 dollar DLC assault hunter to counter EVERY MONSTER IN EVERY STAGE single-handedly:

Chuck Norris
Primary: Fists (3000 damage per hit)
Secondary: Beard fist (5000 damage per hit)
Special: Roundhouse kick (instant kill)

Spots Goliath: “When I breathe on fire, it turns to water.”
Spots Kraken: “You can fly, I command gravity to release me.”
Spots Wraith: “Think you’re sneaky? Ninjas can’t hear me coming.”
Spots Behemoth: “I once skipped a stone across the Sea of Tranquility, and it was bigger than you.”

That would be a cool hunter for DLC. Beyond utterly OP, but it would be funny.


Counter Monster: Bruce Lee