Chrono's Minimalist Evolve Backrounds(Laz Bucket Added!)


Basically I making these cuz I like minimalist art. I made Bob first cuz he’s my fav monster. More coming soon just thought some people might be looking for these for desktop backrounds and what not.

I just draw quenever


With mouth and intestines

No Intenstines and mouth

Uber minimalism


Day Kraken

Night Kraken

High Contrast


Full Shadow

I thought the right arm shadow and stomach shadow were a little off so I made versions without them

Half Shadow

No Shadow

High Contrast

Jack's Mask(3)


Dead Jack

High Contrast

Bucket's Sentry(3)


Lonely Turret

High Contrast


Stage 3 Daisy

Head Daisy

Night Hunter Daisy

Night Hunter High Contrast


“Big Ugly!”

Armor Glow

I feel like the armor is a little weird… srry if it is

No Shadow

High Contrast With Armor

High Contrast No Armor

Sunny's Shield Drone(5)

Dark Backround

Yellow Backround


“Hey There”

High Contrast Normal




High Contrast


“Why me?”

“I wouldn’t 'urt a flea”

Smooth Hyde(just for TW :sunny:)

Smooth High Contrast



No Armor Classic

Armor Not Decoy

High Contrast

Cloaked Wraith

Cloaked High Contrast


“Everybody feel that?”

Challenger Approaching

High Contrast



Slimilimadingdong Black

Slimalimadingdong Gray

Mas Minimalist

High Contrast



Stylized(well, more stylized)

Light Only

Dynamic High Contrast

High Contrast


Eh 2

Eh Mas

Eh Uber

Challenger Approaching(Crow)

Raven(get it lol, cuz its night, and crow… nevermind)

Pitch Night

High Contrast






“I am alone. I will not be afraid.”

“I am alone. I will not be afraid.” (min)

“I am alone. I will not be afraid.” (high contrast)

Emet Blue

Emet Blue (uber)

Demon Core Blue

Demon Core Blue (uber)

Emet Gray

Emet Gray(uber)

Demon Core Gray

Demon Core Gray (uber)

Emet Black

Emet Black (Min)

Demon Core Black

Demon Core Black (Min)

Emet (high contrast)

Quantum Caira(7)

Qaira Bae :heart:

Qaira No Orange

Qaira Uber Mini

Qaira Grey

Qaira Grey No Orange

Qaira Uber Mini Grey

Qaira Bae High Con :heart:

Lazarus and Bucket(2)

Me and my OG medic ran Lazarus and Bucket since alpha. Have always been our favorite characters. It’s awesome that they work well together as a comp. So I made this.

“Lazarus, ARISE!”

“Ah! A monster! Kill it!”


Routine Maintenance Duties


Who’s Next?

I do what I want!

Go vote!

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I’m gonna do what I wanna do!

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Can’t wait for you to do one of my wife, Gorgon. :heart_eyes:


I’m doing Kraken next. Gorgon after that.

Edit: ^Monster order


Yayyyyyy. The one with the coolest design, and then the one with the coolest abilities! I love it!

Also, before I forget, let me just say that that Behemoth is completely badass.


Then why has your picture been a wraith for like 6 months?


Because the guy who made the Rapterran Wraith skin isn’t around anymore to make a Rapterran Gorgon skin…


Poor Rapterran…
tosses oreo


hides it before @Katt can find it >.>


Are you going to be doing these for hunters as well? =D

Looking good by the way :smile:


Yes. Laz is first on the list. I have an idea for his glove and eyes


These are Amazing! I was looking for a way to keep Evolve in my heart even as I move on.

Could you make a Bob one with just the Uberminimalist and just the eyes?




I’ll still play Evolve, and watch Evolve when I can! As well as lurking here and there on the forums! Couldn’t leave @Shaners all alone to handle you guys now could I! :wink:

And thank youuuuuu! :heart:


cant wait 2 see my Granny Lenny ^^


ooooooh. I didn’t even think about that. It’s going to look so good!!! :scream:


Not exactly the medic I was waiting for but ehh I’m sure everything will look great :smile:


Yeah I knew you’d say that :laughing:
I’ll get around to caira.
Medic list is probably Laz, Slim, Caira, RV, val.
sorry lol


These are really cool. Can’t wait for Laz


Can’t wait for a Crow or Torvald one, looking sick!


Added day and night kraken