Chrono cross just an abomination?


I’m like wtf I wanted to give it another try cause I love chrono trigger so the first time I played it(chrono cross) I just couldn’t get into it…now for the second time I did play for longer but I just can’t do it…30+ characters and only like 6 are any good none actually look cool and so far the story is just…meh so what do you guys think?


whats chrono cross?


A massive failure if you ask me


Yeah to be honest I have never played Chrono cross or seen any game play of it. It is odd since chrono trigger is one of my favorite games of all time I have played it more times than I can remember.


It’s not worth it Imo and I feel ya chrono trigger was amazing I played through it again about a month ago still hasn’t gotten old


Chrono Cross is really good story wise. It gives you more info/story about what happened in the first game than the first game did. That being said, 90% of the characters aren’t meaningful at all. Consider them more of a collectible than actual party members. It’s definitely worth finishing.


@chrono cris evry tim


I think that’s what killed it for me all these characters and like only like 6 are worth using also they just look dumb as for story…idk yet I’m not even to the 2nd disc and I’m already kinda over it


When does it get into stuff about chrono trigger?


Right before the second disc I believe. To be fair though, if they game isn’t your cup of tea don’t stress and find a walkthrough that skips non story parts for you. The story does ramp up in standard Squaresoft fashion towards the end of the game.


I think the real question is when can we either get a new Chrono trigger game or a remaster of the first game?


They did a port to the nds and added some stuff to it


Yeah I did own that it was fun! the new stuff wasn’t that great but was fun to take it on the road. I would like a remake in like 3D that would be the bomb.


I’d be down if they did a remake like how ff7 is I mean it looks amazing!!!+1


Yeah I would kill for a Chrono trigger remake like how they are doing ff7. It makes no sense why they don’t do anything with the Chrono series. I mean so many people love the series and would die for something new or a really good 3D remaster.


I agree as long as they stay away from how they did cross


Anyone else think of @chrono when they saw this?


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