Chronic Xbox One Matchmaking Problems

Is anyone else experiencing very poor performance with the matchmaking? I am trying to do matchmaking with with four other people and it is almost impossible to find a game.

Things we have tried to improve our matchmaking:
Everyone set class preference to random (seemed to help a little)
Everyone checked their NAT type and nobody was strict and only one person was moderate.
We tried closing the game and restarting it.
Restarting Wireless
Hard reboot with for the xbox.
We tried doing the matchmaking with different people.

Common things that happen:
We get into a seemingly empty lobby and then are immediately booted out of it.
One or two people are dropped from the party.
Player gets booted at the class selection screen and then can’t rejoin the game even after a Evolve game restart.

I have so much fun playing this game and truly enjoy it but it seems as though the hardest thing about Evolve is finding a matchmaking game. : /

If anybody has any other tricks or tips, I would really appreciate your help.


My group was also having issues still. Also crashing, lots and lots of crashing.

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Yeah I feel like its almost not worth reporting to 2k because it is so persistent. We are even having problems with getting custom games to work.


Same here. Lot of One players report the same issue but no official statement from Turtle Rock.

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Ive been doing pugs (cringe) so i havent noticed, what i have noticed is this annoying crashing to home randomly, usually when a match is going well.


I haven’t been having really any issues thus far playing solo. If those issues are persistent still, I imagine Turtle Rock is more than aware and working on a fix already. I know during the Alpha and Beta I was having issues joining any match at all whether in a group or solo. So it may be day 1 bugginess.

New games nowadays all seem to be released in an unofficial alpha testing state. This is unacceptable.


Yeah, we can all go in solo and make it into matchmaking but when we have a party of 4 its almost impossible to find a monster to fight.

I was having problem’s with 4 people, and playing custom games with 5 was really hard to get people in a party.

Phew! Been searching the web for any one with the same problems as me. (OP)

Xbox one here, UK user.

Tried all the steps you have. VERY hard to find a game and when I do it’s with half empty lobbies. Impossible to find a game in anything other than Hunt.

Can we please get an official response for this?



Same issue, always getting kicked right as i load into the character select screen.

Also just wondering anyone else with broken matchmaking also on verizon fios?

Telekom Germany. But two friends of mine also got problems with 1&1 and Kabel Deutschland. So it is not a network problem. It is in the game. All other titles work in MP and/or coop (CoD, BF, Forza Horizon 2, Dying Light).

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Last night at the Microsoft Launch they had delayed the battle royal because of matchmaking issues. I hope TR solves this issue and also acknowledges its existence. I spent 20 minutes in matchmaking once during the beta.

To be fair, I do not think this is a turtle rock issue. I believe it is a 2k issue. TRS is the developer of the game where as I think it is 2ks responsibility to keep the servers up and running effectively.

I played a few matches last night. I didn’t have any problems getting into a game at all. Today I just tried playing, and it gives me an “Xbox Live multiplayer servers are unavailable” error (or something to that effect). If I try a few times it will put me into matchmaking, but it just sits there forever looking for people to play with. I let it go for 10 minutes and nothing happened.

Hoping I can return this game to gamestop. The few matches I played last night, the game seemed really underwhelming. Either the hunters find the monster in a minute and a half and wreck it, or it evolves once or twice and is basically invincible. I have my preferences set to “Assault”, and it put me into a game as that, then the next match it actually takes it away from me and gives it to another player? It switches me to “Trapper”, the monster somehow instakills me, and then it won’t let me summon Daisy again after I respawn. The icon is lit up, I’m spamming LB, but nothing happpens. Then I get into another match as Assault, the monster knocks me into a maneating plant, and I just sit there, helpless as my teammates completely ignore me until I die.

The game is not fun and it doesn’t even work. Glad I didn’t fall for the season pass. This will either be returned or sit on my shelf, never to be played again.

Played for 4 hours last night. Not a single problem. Not saying this isn’t happening to you guys (although this reeks of a troll post) but if it really was as bad as you guys said, the forums would be flooded with posts like this.

Instead, amazingly, this forum is flooded with people talking strategies, and about the game itself. Which is the sign of a great launch.

In fact, quite a few of us have been talking about how this has been the most successful major game launch in recent history, which is rather refreshing.

Edit: Not to mention quite a few of the people in this thread are the same one’s that have been bashing this game and the developers for quite a while now. So it’s not shocking to see their names pop up in here, I honestly doubt most even own this game.

I am not sure you understand many of the mechanics of the game. There is a rather steep learning curve but once you understand how the game is played, it is quite balanced.

I would encourage you to give it another shot and try to research some youtube videos or something to see how the teams need to work together. The change from assault to trapper is so everyone can have a shot at their prefered class.

One thing of note, Maggie can’t spawn daisy. Daisy is basically another hunter and is A.I. controlled.

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I promise you I am all in on this game. I basically bought an xbox one so I could play it. I have full faith that trs and 2k will fix the matchmaking but I genuinely had problems with matchmaking and I was actually asking for help.

That being said, this thread is getting off topic.

If anyone has any suggestions for help on these issues, I would greatly appreciate any help you can offer.

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You played one night. Everyone is new to it. Patience. It IS a virtue.

Yeah same here when it came out I had literally no problems. Now I just sit there for 10+ mins never getting into a match and every now and then it shows it for a split second then goes back to finding a match. Solo is perfectly fine and I would really love to play this with other people, my favorite game of all time I just really hope this gets fixed soon.