Chroma Keyboard Lighting


Hey everyone. I have a random question and I apologize if this has already been asked, but there was a really cool feature where my keyboard would change color depending on the role that I had. Yet, I noticed that since yesterday, this no longer happens. Has that been removed or is it a setting that I have to allow now?


@LadieAuPair was talking about this yesterday…tagging her in


Hmmm, that shouldn’t have broken. What type of keyboard do you have?


I have a chroma keyboard on the New Razer Blade.


Mine still works fine. Go into your chroma app and make sure it’s still enabled.

Also, @LadieAuPair I see the mouse now changes colors. Love it! :rainbow:


I just got my laptop a few days ago, so I am completely new to this Chroma thing. How do I access my Chroma app? Is that through the Razer Synapse? If so, it says that it is already enabled.


Update: I got it fixed. I am sorry for the trouble. It appears that there was a pending update and that was causing the issue. Once the update was complete, my keyboard went back to doing the awesome thing it does.

Also, thank you for adding that functionality. It is really cool and just made the Evolve experience even better. Keep up the great work!