Choosing a character while joining a match


Could it be possible to make it where when you join into an already existing match it lets you choose your character/perk? For instance if I join in and they don’t have a trapper instead of sticking me as Maggie could I maybe choose to be griffin or keep Maggie but change the perk to what I want or need?

I don’t know how this all works so I could be really wrong in saying that it doesn’t sound like it would be that hard to do or really change the game?

Or at the very least, tell us which perk we have so we can use it to the best of our abilities when we just join into an empty hunter mid game.



I don’t think a character change would be fair to the Monster at all, and in many cases to your team.

I like the idea of a perk change. :slight_smile:


I guess another good one to make more variety in the game when you are out one player is to randomize what the AI plays. So that way it isn’t always team A.