Choose which deployable to replace




I was thinking if there is already a way to choose which deployable to replace( like using tab to jump through the deployable slots ), or use num keys as shortcuts.

If i deploy 2 harpoons in good places, but accidentally throw third one into a bad place, then id like to be able to re-throw that third one, without destroying the first 2 deployables.


Hi! :raising_hand: @rainerpl

You must be a trapper player :slight_smile:
I have added this suggestion to our log. Thank you!


I think many people have thought of this if not then kudos to you. I really get sad when I place the wrong thing :confused:


How dare you assume? He could’ve been talking about Markov, Blitzkov, EMET, Griffin, Abe, or someone else! :stuck_out_tongue: /jokes

Plus that :stuck_out_tongue:


haha :D, im actually mostly medic / support.
and i did mean all classes( mostly blitz markov ) because it’s sad to loose fully armed mine :smiley: