Choose one, play with friends or enjoy the monster


This game seems to be based around friends and parties but i avoid them like the plague because my first choice is monster and i almost never find groups of 4 to play with. i think it’s a bummer that we have to choose between being with and making friends, or being able to play the monster. Are there any plans to change this that we know of?


It’s an easy decision for me because I have no friends! :smiley:




Now I’m sad :cry:

I doubt it’ll be changed though. Custom games are always an option too!


I prefer playing as the monster killing my friends in a custom game with open mic chat on to hear their screams :wink:


Do you still gain leader board ranks in custom?


best feeling


10 chars


yea in that case i’m not going anywhere near custom games lol


Lol well you have a solution you just don’t want to use it.


that’s not a solution it’s a penalty.


It really is.
You want to play with friends? Here is a mode for that!

You care more about leaderboards than playing with friends? Here is a mode for that!

I am not sure what your position is on the leaderboards but it would surely be much lower if people got rankings from whooping on their friends in custom game and straight up boosting.


You understand that a party of five can still have a monster in the group and boost right, which makes it easier to boost then joining a custom game with 1 or 2 friends. additionally i am not asking for custom games to count towards leader boards, i’m asking that if me and a friend form a part i can enjoy beating him and 3 other random strangers while i play as the monster.