"choose class' loading screen freezes for third time in a row forcing me to restart the game


Along with the terrible matchmaking, errors, bugs, this game has become impossible to play.

Behemoth problem

I’m not sure what feedback you’re wanting here, this is just one broad sweeping statement. :confused:


I’m giving feedback, this loading screen of the Choose Class freezes a lot, all since the 2.0. patch.


What system are you on?


Ps4. 10 chars


Okay, I’m not knowledgeable on ps4 network but I’ll tag @SlinkyGuy and @Plaff to see if they’re able to help. Best of luck I don’t want to lose an evolve player cause of bugs ^.^


Thanks, this issue doesn’t only occur to me but others as well.


I’ll tag @Brandini on this one since both him and Plaff are the PS4 players here. :+1:


No problem ^.^

And okay thank you @SlinkyGuy


I’ve had this problem before as well, though if you give it a few seconds, it tends to unfreeze. I play with a group typically and if they tell me the timer is below 30 seconds, then we give up and back out. That doesn’t seem to be the case typically. It usually fixes about 60 seconds in giving you another 60 to get everything selected


On rare occasions it unfreezes for me, but most of the time I’m simply forced to shut down the application. When it is ‘unfreezing,’ it comes with a huge lag spike what it seems like.


Yeah, if you give it some time it’ll unfreeze. At the most it’ll take about a minute. By the way, I’ve played so many matches against you, I recognise your name :stuck_out_tongue:


Me? 10char


Yup, I always end up in matches with you whenever I play randoms.


Haha, I recognize certain people names as well but not yours. I assume your psn is different from your TRS account.


My PSN is just Plaff_ :slight_smile:


O rly?! That’s odd, I remember you from TRS but not Evolve itself :sweat: . I’ll be sure to recognize you now.


Yeah it’s getting worse at least on ps4 I had a hard freeze in game early and it was that bad I had to pull plug from back of ps4 as closing application went dead.

They don’t seem to be saying much but since the hunters came to ps4 this game has seriously gone down the drain,real shame as I do love evolve I guess that’s why I’m sticking to it