Chomper Plants/Wildlife Too Strong for Newbies


Low level hunters don’t have it easy, I’ll admit, and there’s plenty of issues to discuss:

Chomper plants/Wildlife: gives plenty of free wins to low/mid level monsters because hunters that are starting out cannot handle them. The chompers/tyrant should let go after a short period of time, and the damage needs to be toned down overall. The wildlife should not give a monster a free win.


I agree with most of what you said, but Mammoth Birds and Nomads have won matches for me in the past by killing the Monster. That door swings both ways. I think a small decrease in their damage might be good enough. Plants shouldn’t let go, but being able to survive in them for longer would be nice for newbies. I feel Mammoth birds should actually flee instead of run straight into battle and zap you for shits and giggles.

Thunder Chickens and Plants are my only gripes. Tyrants are big enough to be wary of and there are even warnings for it. Same with Megamouths.


What? This game got so dumbed down from what it was in the beginning, it’s ridiculous (instant dome being the worst offender). For the love of Shear, stop doing that! Wildlife and plants are fine as they are.


Meh. I think they’re mostly fine as they are. It might be a good idea to implement a way to better educate newbies on how to spot and dodge them though.




Mammoth Birds are the bane of all monster and hunter kind.

Iv had a game where I kicked the Hunter’s cans at the relay and the last hunter, the support, decides to run off with his cloak. I followed him out of sight and saw him back up into a mammoth bird in the distance.

Tech Sgt Hank was never seen or heard from again


Why should wildlife be made easier for new players? This is Shear, not Disneyland.


But everyone should go to Disneyland! Let’s make all the chomper plants the flowers from Alice in wonderland.


Lets also give Goliath a cute litte hat and tux.

He’ll throw a tea party at the relay.


One thing a game this complex needs is in-depth tutorials for the new/unique mechanics, and unfortunately Evolve doesn’t really offer that. Which turns many people off from it. They come in and are overwhelmed by a world of subtle dangers and unfamiliar concepts, and unless they find a friendly ‘vet’ to point out the hidden things, they assume the game is just poorly made and boring. I think the biggest thing that TRS should focus on, aside from balancing, is more in-depth explanations of what to expect when hunting on Shear for the first time.


You sound like TRS–nerfing for the sake of human error.
“Plenty of things on Shear can kill a hunter, no monster needed.” The game tells you that in the tips. People need to have awareness of what’s going on, talk with the team, eliminate the wildlife as you move, cover each other. Plain and simple.
Edit: it might even say “lone hunter”


It is hunting. U stay together, u win together. Splitting is risky and for coordinated teams. One have to communicate, stay focused, and aware of everything. But for high levels sometimes it’s risk worth taking. Wildlife is “doable” for more than 1 hunter easily now. Imo it is well balanced.


I didn’t realize TRS was a charity, my mistake.


I implied that Shear is a dangerous place. It should not be made into a safe place where you go to have a good time or feel safe.


Yeah if they nerfed the hunters side of the wildlife they would need to do the same for monsters. However I feel there is no need for it. Though wildlife damage to monsters is quite high especially mammoth birds,tyrants and armadons. Tyrants can deal a lot if your not very careful.


NO! Wildlife is supposed to be dangerous! It isn’t that hard to shoot at a plant…


After a while you kind of learn not to step in them, and kill them instead… So, in my personal opinion, chomp plants should stay as they are. that goes for Megamouths, Tyrants, Blitzers too.


Keep the wildlife as it is, and perhaps invest time in better tutorials


Yes, solid 5/7! Tutorials are pretty important for this game!


why not make a certain mode a little different for this cause? Maybe Evac? It definitely isn’t warranted in Hunt 2.0 and probably not in quickplay. Wildlife and plants add more variability and potential playmaking in higher level play.