Chomp Plant Glitch/Bug?

So yesterday I was playing as Caira and walked into a plant and when I was saved I started too see black and white… stuff? I don’t really know what was going on other than I couldn’t move hardly

You can see for yourself here since I uploaded it to youtube:

Enjoy I guess xD

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That could be the strangest bug I saw in a while…


I think the camera glitched when you were released and it let you look inside Caira’s model. o.O That aside, I loved the view of her arm holding the grenade launcher. :smiley:

That is uhm very weird D:

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I was literally about to post “Inb4 Moiser because Caira” but decided not to bother you…And here you are. ._. How?

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His/her Caira senses are tingling!

Why don’t I get superpowers but he does? D:

Adipose! ;W;

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But…Caira wasn’t even in the title. I had no idea this was about Caira when I opened the thread D:

Exactly. So how you homed in on it is a mystery to me.

Coincidence? You say you just randomly clicked on it.

I think not, good sir.

It was coincidence, a thread about a chomp plant bug just so happened to include Caira. I had no idea she was in it. Like really just coincidence :s

Omg, I laughed a lot!! It looks like you went into another dimension xD

There must be something in the healing grenades xD

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This happened to me before too! I just kept shooting the ground and teleporting around the map with every shot afterwards. Mine happened the same way too, I shot the ground with a healing grenade after getting freed and the bug happened. It was on wraith trap for me though.

@Nadasvada Look it’s you :open_mouth:

Look mom, I´m on TV !!
Am I famous now?